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Leaked photos of awesome! Sorry, saw it on twitter and just couldn't resist sharing. Gotta tide the anticipation over somehow now that we've been teased with a teaser as RoxyRoo said. =P

Liking the finger placement. Did you get people with actual military training to fill in some of the slots?


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@Trooper0612: LOL thanks for the pic dude. XD The teasing doesn't feel so harsh now.

Look at him! Looks like he's fresh from the drop ship; his armor isn't filthy yet! lol


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oh hell yeah there's a gripping anticipation for this. i've been going to the website for updates but there's hardly anything new lol the concept art is wicked! im stoked.


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Well, I love the little attention to detail on things like trigger fingers. :)

You're an inspiration Pete! I hope we can do something equally awesome here in the states eventually. Heck, I'd be happy for 50% awesome.


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hello all, my name is Vincent and i'm french (you can discover me here ).

=> I come here to try to know a little much about you, to know how you organize the shot, try to understand where do you leave (next to the scene where the shot take place ?) and to feel the temperature.

My idea is to promote the cast before the french scene. I wish to write a ticket for the release trailer and present your length film.

If you could send to me some pictures, during the shot, about your costumes, guns or accessories it could be interesting for french readers.

I will publish this on my blog.


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That's quite some fantastic work you've got there mr cooper, I eagerly await the completed costume.

Is this Canadian contribution you are hinting about one of Peter Manders fantastic creations? OR somebody else? It would extremly epic if some of his work were to become part of your project.

On another note, there is a fair likelihood that I will be visiting England in mid September, if this goes through I will be staying in Oxford and London. I'm just wondering if this would allow me to see any of the wonderful things you have made for your project.

Keep up the fantastic work,


Trooper Cooper

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Hey guys. :)

Vincent - more details on all those topics will follow. For now, I can't really say too much. ;)

Devious - the Canadian offering was not a Pete Mander special, though I wouldn't say no to one! ;) A visit may be possible but I would need this cleared with my producer etc.

monk1junk1 - Unedited? Oh God no. It would be horrible! D:

falcon NL

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Hey Peter,

I know for a FACT that 70% of the people never even heard of the guy but... you got Neill Gorton on your team?!?

Thats AMAZING! Cant wait so see the stuff he has done for you guys!

Keep up the good work!

Trooper Cooper

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Neill Gorton hasn't been working on the film directly - however, working with him for over a year prior to OC's beginning, and some of the advice he gave me when the project began, has been inspirational and helped me along the way. It's a credit of thanks for that - not that I'd say no to his creations appearing in OC of course! :p