Fight to the Finish

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Interview with David Doak

Am I the only one excited about this?
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i loved timesplitters back in the day...

if they made another Serious Sam (good as the first one, #2 was garbage) for the 360, my life would be complete :D
Please tell me I'm the only person that knows about the circus glitch in TS2!

Before halo, that was all I played.
i played that ending piano song, although i cant remember it :( I think it was called the entertainer.

Lol realy i thought it was like a brand new Halo game till you see that monkey :p
omg timesplitters, it was my favorite game back in the day, right next to a game called perfect dark for nintendo 64, timesplitters had such a fun multiplayer, me and my buddies used to all live close by, and (this was back in the day) we all would go over to one of our houses and play it all day on multiplayer, fun.

Also, I didn't realise this was a spoof game until I read that interview just now, all the while I was like WTF NINJA MONKEY, WTF COP WITH BIG TITS, back when I played the time splitters games, I didn't know why it was like that, just that it was funny. But, is it even legal for them to do that? I mean from what it looks like, they will probably spoof halo with a monkey wearing mjolnir, are they allowed to put that copyrighted stuff in if it's satire? Because monkey+mjolnir=WIN
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