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  1. mblackwell1002


    It IS in the game.(in locker-thingies)not wearable... but it would be an amazing build. I love the design as well, and your work is amazingly helpful to the community

    If you DO complete that, I think everyone would have to call you 'DA CRIMMSON BOSS' for a whole month at least:D

    If I ever get REALLY good at 3d modeling, I'll model a 3d printable helmet in your honor. I dunno, maybe armor someday too.
  2. Crimmson


    I had the helmet fleshed out but that was about it, then my comp decided it was tired of microsoft 10.

    All of the links in this thread still work, can some one please verify it. I seriouly need to move all of these here but they arent unfolded.

    Also i thought the destiny stl gen wasnt working but the i was able to get rise of iron stuff, so it looks like it is still good for the models. If you textures its abit complicated but easy once you learn. Now to find everything i once had. What i miss the most is the sparrow from destiny i had modeled. Big sigh...
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    INSOMNIAC New Member

    You're doing an outstanding job with these files, keep it up! Any chance you'll be modelling and unfolding the UIR soldier helmet from Gears of War 4? The character just came out in gear packs and I would love to take a swing at building one of their helmets.
  4. Crimmson


    If you can provide me a link to the files i can see if they are workable or atleast make them manifold.
  5. Crimmson


    Here is a link to my mediafire stuff
    Not everything is done or unfolded, buyer beware.

    And my 4shared
    Some of the really old stuff like 4years ago stuff when first got here, i had forgoten about this. The links i tried work still some how.
    4shared - free file sharing and storage

    I am sure Chernobyl will let me know when to edit this post, also thank you again for all your hard work here and at other websites, you get alot of flak at the other sites. I dont know how you put up with it.
  6. mblackwell1002


    I will say, your link isn't working...:cry:

    it shows nothing in your file share...
  7. Crimmson


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  8. Crimmson


    Sort of good news, sort of. My brother was able to get the files out of my broken laptop, but i hadnt transferred any thing too current. Bugger. Have to wait and see what i have once i get home in about 8hrs after working all night.

    I promised my oldest daughter i would not play destiny all week that i am home and that we would make arts and projects. First on the list, sand and repaint her skate board with a custom paint job of souleater her favorite anime at 7yrs old. Then make costumes for the father dance at her school in February. The theme is paris, we are going as mimes. Me a fat mime

    So wish me luck as i go all week with out xbone usage for games.
  9. Crimmson


  10. Crimmson


    got the h5 carter noble set done, basic only for pep. made the mesh's manifold and aligned alot of faces to make them flat.
    no pics sort of in a hurry and comp is derping with photobucket(long page load time).

    not unfolded:
    H5 NOBLE CARTER helmet NO COMM.obj
    carter chest v2.obj
    carter arm armor left bicep.obj
    carter arm armor left arm.obj
    carter arm armor left hand.obj
    H5 NOBLE CARTER butt plate.obj
    H5 NOBLE CARTER thigh.obj
    H5 NOBLE CARTER shin left.obj
    carter boot left.obj


    copyright 343.

    i understand that their has been some really baaaddd juju going on here lately, but we all agreed to the terms to continue using Art Andrews site. some of the stuff i dont completely agree with and some not at all, but still agreed in order to stay here per say. i have been here a while seen some pretty rough and turbulent episodes. this too will pass over. i normally dont say nothing but it irked me quite a bit this time to the point of leaving. thought about it alot actually but....... you know you are a 405th member when you still stay when your mind tells you to leave but your heart tells to you stay. i just hope moving forward this stuff doesnt happen again and the people chosen to fill in Rosa's shoe are willing and able. Regardless of how i feel THANK YOU GUYS AND GALS AND OTHER for the good and bad times since i have been here.
  11. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    It is very easy to go along when you agree, but the true testament of your commitment to the members of the community is when you go along even when you don't agree. Thank you for continuing to serve the needs of the members here.
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    Hey all wanna start a new project saw this on tumbler and thought it would be an awesome real world helmet sooooo I'm asking the community if any one would be willing to model these 2? Or know someone who might. I'll do the unfold and post it once it's done if anyone wants to take on this project. As always Crimmson love seeing your work keeps me inspired bro. Thanks for reading Screenshot_20170216-082709.png Screenshot_20170216-082741.png
  13. Crimmson


    Hmmm. Do you happen to have a back pic of the helmet.also thank you i did not know i inspired people.
  14. Gamepotato

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    I wanted to tell you thank you Crimmson for fixing my helmet model. I really appreciate it!
  15. tabbris13

    tabbris13 New Member

    Unfortunately Crimmson I wasn't able to find a backside for those images but I think something basic like the back of the hunter helmet or the locust helmet would work well I put a couple of pics below for reference. And very much so your work inspires your thread is one of the reasons I started to make armor in the first place and start an appreciation for the 3d models and the time that goes into them Halo-5-Guardians-Spartan-Jameson-Locke-Helmet-Back-View.jpg halo_4_locus_helmet_by_koryface-d62urxo.jpg
  16. Crimmson


    Shonen these are what i got last week or so

    Each is a complete set except maybe the iron stuff highlighted.

    Edit: the lina, priss etc are bubblegum crisis models. Lets see how many remember that anime.
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  17. Dirtdives


    That is one psychotic looking helmet.
  18. Ral Partha

    Ral Partha Well-Known Member

    *raises hand*
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  19. Crimmson


    can someone pretty pretty please unfold these, more to follow. doesnt matter the scale as i will change it later. working on the arms and legs right meow. i edited the raw file and made it manifold and prepped it for pepakura. added some details not much.

    gundam freedom helmet v2.pdo

    gundam freedom chest.pdo

    i dont know who got these extracted or from where either, as i have had these for a long time.
    so if someone knows who please let me know so i can give credit. also please post back here as well and as always do as you please with them.
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  20. Shonen

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  21. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    Hey, Crimmson. Do ya feel like making a highly detailed Hermes helmet?
  22. Crimmson


    that is wierd, i tried it as well and nothing even though i literally have the original file next to it and nothing. here are the pdo versions of them.
    not unfolded though
    gundam freedom chest.pdo

    gundam freedom helmet v2.pdo
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  23. Crimmson


    SavedbyGraceG12 not yet. let me look into it though.
  24. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    No rush. Future project. Wish I was able to download the Hermes foam files back at the old Archive.
  25. Crimmson


    Is it there or no access

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