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Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by Crimmson, Feb 2, 2013.

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    I'll look into it tonight.
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    NOW the file open .. this thing is crazy
  3. Crimmson


    ten four. on the hermes helmet how much detail are you looking for? are you wanting every indentation and extrusion or only the big details?
    i got this much so far.

    i dont get it. i dont fully understand why this is happening, i thought i did but i guess i dont. hopefully i will get the rest of it done by this weekend. i am pretty much done
    with the arms and about 85% done on the leg and hip parts. let me know if they are good to go. please.
  4. SavedbyGraceG12

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    2 WORDS...........Ultra detailed
  5. mblackwell1002


    3D print worthy?
  6. Crimmson


    i have tried to make files 3d print worthy but i am a door knob when it comes to that. i have tried to learn how to but still my skills that i learnt in the mountains arent enough.

    ok but it will take a while longer as i got to get ready to go back to work on sunday.

    here is some more of the gundam freedom armor.

    this has a bunch of floating armor pieces that will have to be attached some how. in the model it just a small triangle in between each armor piece.
    gundam freedom hip armor.pdo

    the shoulder piece is mesh welded to the upper arm
    gundam freedom left arm.pdo

    not unfolded of course. narf

    this is what i have got left to do on the armor, but it going to have to wait for a minute maybe more like a couple of weeks.

    quick question on this build, if i want to build this say at 8ft tall should unfold it together as one big file or each piece individual? ok so that was two.
    good luck on all your builds
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    I'm pretty busy right now but in a week or so I should be able to unfold those, if no one else has by then.
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    Not a problem bro. This one is in no rush. I should be wrapping the Security helm Unfold this week. I hope. I feel there is always so much to do now, and the wifey fusses at for being on the computer for to long, now a days. Saying stuff like your disconnected from reality! Ooooouuuuchhhhh! She does Real estate, might be easy for her to say something like because she's on computer all day. I don't know, I think I need to tread more cautiously, wish me luck, lol!
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  9. Crimmson


    Thread carefully my friend as i was once in your position with my wife unit. She would give me the guilt trip that i spent to much time making , fixing or editing models for people and not spend time with them until i realized that she wasnt complaining but telling the truth. So be careful.
  10. Crimmson


    Thank you. Been a while since i have seen you around.
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    Yep I've been pretty busy. Should have more time starting now. To your earlier question, if you're looking for an 8ft build, it really depends on how you're planning to build it. If you're making it a full suit with all the pieces connected, I'd say scale it as a whole. If you're looking to build each part separately and just have yourself on stilts, I'd say scale each piece separately.
  12. mblackwell1002


    Hey, Crimmson; can you model a Destiny Warlock Tengu Operant Helmet that can easily be converted to foam? I wouldn't mind unfolding it, I just ask that you model a pep file.
    this one: warlock helmet reference.jpg

    the pieces outlined in this image are supposed to be removeable: warlock helmet referencen2.jpg

    thanks in advance!
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  13. Crimmson


    sup guys and gals and others. work is crazy, just pulled a 17 day, 16 hr a day straight hitch and i got to go back on sunday. which also happens to be the day we celebrate both of my daughters birthday. it sucks. got an 8 hr drive after the girls party which if i take off at 7pm at the latest i should get to work on time monday morning at 3am. yeah buddy its gonna be close.

    mblackwell1002 might be a while


    eehhh, sorry it took so long, but work is flipping crazy non stop. i believe the destiny zavala armor is the jovian.

    not unfolded
    destiny jovian chest 2.obj

    not unfolded
    destiny jovian left shoulder 2.obj

    not unfolded
    destiny jovian right shoulder 2.obj

    oh yeah before i forget, enjoy and happy pepping and good luck on your builds. see yall later.
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    OMG THANKS SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  16. Crimmson


    Guess what every body? I discovered etsy. Yay. I looked and poked around in it aanndd i found lots of destiny stuff. Stuff that looks alot like files that i prepped for free mind you and they are being sold. Cant prove 100 percent but every modeler knows just knows his or her own work. I have always said you can do what ever you want with files but to sell them is on the brink the edge especially since they belong to bungee. I just ask that if you are doing this please stop i wont pay money for something that looks exactly like the stuff i posted here just to prove or disprove. I do this for free and i kindly ask that you do the same share freely. I only speak for myself as other modelers have different needs wants etc. If i am mistaken then i apologize for the rant and for making these claims.

    Maybe its just me but
    Edit: removed link since i have no proof.
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  17. PerniciousDuke

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    I don't think you're wrong. This is something kaween and I have talked about. To make it even worse, their quality isn't even to a very high standard. So people are taking other people's work (or maybe "editing" someone else's work), creating it fast and cheap and then selling it for top shelf prices. It is maddening. Best we can do is show how it is to be done (and maybe shame them a little too). :)
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  18. Crimmson


    I know i am in different about this, speaking for myself only. This some how irks me even though i knew that this is, had or will happen. When i first started this i would see others here run into the same problem but what can we do about it? In my case i am using someones else's ip, you guys are probably creating your own ip. In your case i would be pissed off and would do something about it. Me, lets say i report it to bungie then all hell breaks loose and they bring the hammer down where does it leave us here.

    Once again i state that anything i post here can be shared freely, please. That is my one term. Credit would be nice but not needed. Anything that i created like the titan helmet , armor, duke 44, red death etc you can use as you see fit no credit needed claim it as your own dont care its my gift to every one. The ip stuff from Microsoft and bungie etc well you know the rules.

    Not mad and no love lost for any one. That being said i honestly dont remember what requested have been posted here recently. If you had one from not to long ago please repost it here. Working my way through the destiny jovian set then pronably most likely the spliced nanomania for the hunter then cosmoclast for titan, finish the Hermes helmet from h5. Dusk render after all this.
    Then finish a mash up i started a while back it includes the jorge variant from reach mashed up with the updated h5 reach armor. No pics yet. This is my line up for now. Peace love and hair grease.
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  19. kaween


    *crawls from underneath the rock he's been burried under for the last couple of weeks*

    @Crimmson : Yes. I mean, I know pretty well what kind of surprise you're talking about. And no, "we" can't prove somebody just made our work their own but you kinda recognize your own handywork, your own approach and methodology.
    Some time ago, a 405th member contacted me asking me for my approval to do a print and sell it. I'm alright with that. As far as I see, I have no commerical rights on reworked stuff anyway. I even hope he makes some petty cash from it. I'm mainly alright with it _because this nice young man asked before just doing so_ so as far as I go, we're cool.

    It changes however when I notice people using what I'm pretty sure is "my" stuff and calling it their own and that has happened a couple of times now too. How do I "know" ?
    It becomes quite obvious if not only the part is copied and the fixes you did are all there, it becomes _painfully clear_ when _your mistakes_ are there too. I mean, right to the last detail. Everything that bothered me with that certain model, stuff I wasn't able to fix back then because I was just too stupid to do it, and I always said "oh shit I really f***** that up, I have to come back to this and redo this and this to make it propper".
    Well yeah, even THOSE mistakes, right to the very last detail, were being copied TOO. And not by some 2cents-i-want-to-make-a-fast-buck Etsy nobody. That's what shocked me most, really.

    Can I prove it ?
    No. But how big are the chances, really, of seeing parts of a model being identical, even down to your personal fuckups ?
    Am I certian ? Yes (due to reason mentioned above).
    Does it make me angry ? Not really.

    If I'd be in it for money, I'd be furious but I'm not so most of all I'm sad about this, especially when it happens and somebody I held in high esteem in terms of being a modeller seems to make himself guilty of stuff like this.
    So if it would be any comfort at all Crimmson, I have a pretty good notion how you must feel when you see something like that.

    *crawls back underneath rock*
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  20. Crimmson


    I ve had people ask me for permission to upgrade the file for 3d printing or mass producing. Which is very cool of them to ask first, but the ones that dont and even use the same pic you used and the file looks like yours. It feels like a sweaty t shirt on a hot day doesnt really piss you off but it really annoys the crap out of you.

    Re casters are even worse. They order a prop and they recast it and sell it. At least offer a kick back or something to deaden the blow. Never happen to me but has happened to friend of mine at home not props but stuff for birthday parties and such.

    Well i hope you dont stay under your rock too long.

    Man i wish i had any body else from the 405th in corpus christi. I feel like a recon spartan or the grey team, thats been forward deployed for too long. Ha

    Edit: or even midland odessa Texas. I work here 3/4 of the year
  21. kaween


    Crimmson : hahaha. It's so funny you mention the recaster thing, especially since one of the guys who "loaned" parts of my free work was having issues with recasters too. It's so sarcastic some people screaming about the value of licences, copyrights and crediting seem to call upon these things only when it serves their own advantage.
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  22. PerniciousDuke

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    What scares me is that once someone isn't as cool with as you guys are they cause a rucuss which will bring the hammer down from the guys with the real copyright. I mean we are operating just outside of legal rights here, with a "you're good for publicity, so we'll allow it". Once we stop being good for publicity... well they can't stop the internet, but they are sure going to make it harder for an average Joe with little money.

    kaween - I know the topic is a little frustrating, but could you edit your post a couple up? "and I always said "oh #### I really #####" and "even down to your personal #####"
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  23. Crimmson


    I've read some of the counter arguments recasters have made. I just laughed my butt off.

    1. Well i changed it a little bit so now its my work i can sell it.

    2. I am only charging for the materials and casting work i put into it.

    3. I paid for it, its mine now.

    4. You didnt say i couldnt recast it.

    5. In my country i can. (My favorite)

    But yes you guys are correct if the original holder of the ip decided to swing the ban hammer well...
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    Hey guys! Just showing some recent helmet builds: the Apex Harmonix and the Celestial Nighthawk! The Apex put my cutting folding skills to the test, but I think it turned out pretty good! The fact it fits like a glove makes me relieved I don't have to rebuild it lol! The Nighthawk was pretty easy to build, took me maybe a solid half day of building! Plenty more to come!

    Attached Files:

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  25. Crimmson


    Maaaaannnnn those pretty sweet!!!!!

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