First time spartan build, any good tutorials?


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Hi all,

I'm relatively new to halo costuming, my first build was a DFT style ODST for last Katsucon. I've decided to tackle a full spartan build, specifically the classic Halo 3 Mk VI armor (partly because I already have the Rubies deluxe H3 chief helmet, which I'll just need to repaint and replace the visor).

I've decided to go with foam, since I'm more familiar with the process and willing to sacrifice some detail in exchange for comfort/flexibility. I already downloaded the zip file containing the foam templates from the armory (Halo 3 - MJOLNIR Mark VI - Standard LD).

I was hoping that someone might be able to point me in the direction of a good tutorial of how to put this design together, step-by-step is great but anything helps. Call me a spoiled tutorial noob if you must, I was just hoping to cut down on some of the tedious trial and error, and I've seen full/partial tutorials for other armor sets. I swear I had found a template with instructions for sale on etsy, but I have since been unable to find the link.

Of course I could be misunderstanding completely, and figuring it out may be considered 'rite of passage/part of the fun' here, so I apologize if that is the case. Either way, thanks in advance for any advice you guys might be able to give me.


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As far as I know there are no step by step tuts for this build. Naturally I could be wrong.
I actually did this build recently for my son last year. I had to figure everything out my self by looking at the model in Pepakura Viewer and in game, and other art references. Since this is the LD version, there a lot of details that are missing and I had to add myself.
If anything your best bet would be to look at other people's thread who may have built this same one and just learn as much as you can.
Here is my build for starters.