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Hi MoeSizzlac just wanted to say thank you for all you do for others. No BartSimpson prank call in that statement, take care.
You are a saint MoeSizzlac I don't even print but you're doing great for the community
Excellent work as always.
Just wanted to say your compliments really mean something to me, to all contributors to these boards I would say. A lot of times, people roam around taking the creations for granted but your positive feedback 1) says a lot about you, and 2) makes me want to keep creating. Thanks for being awesome!


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I would just like to thank you moe for all the help you have done for me, and the community, and for SI3RRA 117 for contributing and helping me get this project started. Also, I cant forget to leave out the wonderfull Chyrnobyl for pulling the files. Also PerniciousDuke for being my contact and advice. I love you all and this is the best family I could ever hope for