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Another trick people may want to try. Something everyone with an Xbox can do. If you have a capture card on your computer this is an easy way to get some snaps of the armor. Otherwise it’s just a good way to look at the in game model. Start a new game using the default configurations in cooperative mode. Before you do anything don’t get a weapon or anything. If you don’t get a weapon you can use the zoom and it won’t put the black water mark on the screen. Use one of the controllers as the camera man the other as the model. Line up your shots and move the opposite guy accordingly. Take as many shots as you want to if you have a capture card if not just take a look at it and draw what you see. I use this method allot to look at the armor, helmet, whatever. You can set your model up on the stairs and use your camera guy to look down on him, or have the model crouch, to get different perspectives. Here are some example shots.





Or go to outskirts and pick up the Blind skull. ur hud disapears . U can move around an everything so u can take a few snazzy pics of ur friend absulutly owning. Great for training as well. Just eliminate the enimies before taking some pics ;-)
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