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My initail idea to make armor easily, was to model the pieces out of large squares of great stuff. Isnt that the hard foam that expands? If it expands right, in a box, maybe i could cut out the details, then use either fiberglass or whatever u suggest. i dont know anything about fibergalss
the problem with doing that is GREAT STUFF has a lot of air bubbles in it and things like that... what you need is HIGH DENSITY foam.

You can certainly mess around with great stuff and see what you can make of it. It isnt' a bad idea.
What you want to address here is cell size.

This type of foam is categorized by the size ot the individual air-bubble
cells that it is comprised of. Large cell size = low density, extremely
porous. Small cell size = high density, tiny cells, less porous.

Great stuff foam is largely inconsistent in cell size, but at it's very best it
is probably a little too porous to use as a finished product. High density
foam is available through specialty insulations companies.... and can be
VERY expensive. But if you find a company near you, you might be able
to ask if you could have their scrap.... which they usually throw away.

Look up Specialty Insulation Products in your yellow pages.

Also note that even high density foam will need a coat of something like
fiberglass resin to seal it and give it some strength.
I was wondering if i could use it as a base, mold it to the needed shape, then cover it with the fiberglass like my Dad suggested. Just an idea though...
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