H3 Chief Armor - Build Progress


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That looks SO good, man. I mean really. I wish I had your level of skill. I need to see this thing sealed and painted. Enough with this waiting game, lol!
Thanks man!! You could do this I promise! You want me to send you a pic of my dremel bit I used for this and everything else? I'm really happy with this damage, it looks like a rock took out chucks of metal where in the game it's low res and looks more like silver blobs. I'm working hard to get the torso prepped for rubber coating. I'll be spraying my last thigh piece today and my back piece is really close to being done and ready for rubber coat as well. The chest piece is the last thing to prep and rubber coat. Then painting will begin!! I'll post a full suit up again in all black for fun, and plus for one final test fit. I've made coutless improvements since my last suit up, I'm excited to get it all back on!


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Here's a little more progress on the prep before paint process. Lots of caulking/sculpting seams, final detail, lots of sanding finished up with leak sealing (I now have a small fortune invested in this stuff). Both thighs done and I touched up a few imperfections on the forearms and sprayed them again. Im spraying the back piece of the torso now but will post pics once entire torso is done, it looks amazing though!!



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Been working hard on getting my pieces sanded and base coat painted. Took a detour and decided to finish one piece out to make sure all the colors would jive together. Needless to say I'm super happy with how close I've gotten to halo3. Full speed ahead on laying the base coats!!

2019-05-26 18.34.01.jpg20190527_134700.jpg20190527_114427.jpg20190527_134811.jpg20190527_114645.jpg20190527_134707.jpg20190527_134653.jpg20190527_134853.jpg20190527_142416.jpg20190527_142443.jpg20190527_140506.jpg


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watch out at Philly, i may just steal your costume, that is if i get it before everyone else has the same idea. :p
Edit: I also seriously need to stop being lazy and get to work on my stuff so I don't look so disappointing compared to everyone else.
Hahaha that's right!! I'm working hard to get there. So much work to do but I'll get there. This paint job is gping to take a long time. Look forward to seeing you all there!


Looking AWESOME man! wish you were going to the orlando outpost so I could see it in person. Keep up the awesome work


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*Ahem* page four bump. Also, were are you? Are you done with this yet?
Haha thanks man, i was out of town for 2 weeks straight and have been slammed with work since. I have gotten the whole suit base colored green and now im just slowly working through the detail painting. Have 1 forearm and both handplates done though!! its crazy how real it looks in person, cant wait till the whole suit looks like this! I'm really hoping to be done by Philly Outpost. Going to be cutting close for sure...

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Just saw your paint job over on Tubo's thread, so rather than derail THAT one, I thought I'd share my thoughts on THIS one:


There Is a God who loves us and wants us to be happy. How do I know this? ExCeLLuR8 finally painted his torso piece!!!!!!

It's about time you got some paint pictures posted!