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After nearly 2 years of waiting to wear this, PCKC 2022 gave me my chance. It was a good time. Thanks to everyone that welcomed me to the group that day. I'll see y'all again soon.
Master Guns out.


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Spartan 43

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Finished my nod to A-259 helmet, really enjoyed the build, the sanding even though laborious, was a great journey... 200,400,800 and 1000 on raw print, then 1500, 2000 and 2500 on primed layer finishing off with first colour layer 3000,5000 and 7000 wet sand.

On the final top colour coat it just popped straight away.



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A bit of a photo dump of most of the props/helmets i have finished over the past year or so. Most of them are 3D printed except the repaint of the Disguise Master Chief helmet.

white recon.jpg

My first finished helmet Halo 3 Recon


Halo Reach Recon


Halo Reach MK V (b). this was white at one point but I like the purple better


Halo 3 Hayabusa helmet. This one was a bit of a challenge but I'm happy with it. I might print another one and paint it purple to go with the rest of my helmets/armor I'm working on.


Halo Infinite MK VII helmet with removable cat ears and face plate. This is the helmet that went with my first suit of armor.

disguise infinite.jpg

A repaint I did of the Disguise Master Chief helmet

h2a br.jpg

The only 3 props I have fully finished H2A br, Halo Infinite Sidekick, and the Socom from Halo 3 ODST


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there not exactly 100% 3D printed but the cosmetic parts are, and made from some of my nerf blasters i modded. paint was done with rust oleum camouflage spray paint.

Rayven DMR
Rayven DMR.jpg

Stryfe DMR
M412 DMR.jpg

(unpainted without the suppressor)
Stryfe DMR 2.jpg

(unpainted with the suppressor)
Stryfe DMR.jpg

Stryfe DMR SMG, a personal creative idea i had floating around in my mind for a while, made with Workermod Kriss Vector kit and Workermod Submarine (Halo M412 DMR) kit, I nicknamed it M412-A SMG.
(with the suppressor.)
278131566_359722959454952_2716819482815883750_n (1).jpg

(without the suppressor.)

My Nerf MA40 AR which i custom painted, im pretty happy with how it turned out with the weathering and the rugged details with the scratches on it, gives it some age like its been used in actual combat for a few years. its my second one i have and painted.
MA40 AR.jpg

here is the first one I painted though...
I took a few different pics of it.
20210624_191535.jpg 20210624_191441.jpg 20210103_012125.jpg received_189198040003265.jpeg MA40 AR virsion 1.jpg

and here are a few pics of me posing with them, was doing a fan film with a few friends on our 5 acre property.

IMG_20210812_115916_4.jpg IMG_20210813_125955_4.jpg IMG_20210812_120030_4.jpg IMG_20210812_120008_4.jpg IMG_20210812_115940_4.jpg
and last but not least, a selfie of me holding the MA40 AR at home...

Hope you guys like them :)


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Spartan 43

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"Finished" 2 coats of 2k, 10000 grit in between coats, Maguiars ultimate compound detailed....

Learning curve was steep at times, techniques, how to's... such an enjoyable journey.

This is the last time y'all will see this until the entire armour is completed.

On a side note spartan, finding out you have testicular cancer and a rough operation to get over, this for me was very a distraction that allowed me to focus and move forward. I say to my students "so long as you know the battle, you will know how to fight"

Enjoy, Spartan-043 out


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