Foam Halo 2 Anniversary ODST: Planning phase


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Greetings all. Even though I am still upgrading my H3 ODST and still have to complete my Odogaron armour from Monster Hunter World. I am in the planning stages of my next Halo build. Even though building an Elite would be an awesome test of my current abilities, I will save that endeavour for a future build.
At this point I have settled on Spartan III ODST (naturally) varient armour.
My Odogaron armour will be the first time I play with lights. With this reach suit, I will play with them some more.
I've already downloaded the standard foam files and ODST attachments. The helmet there is no unfold but, I may consider commissioning a 3D print (TurboCharizard I'm looking at you).

Even though in the image I have the assault and soft case. The addons have not been determined yet. Same as colours. I may stick with my current colours of my ODST or do something else.
The undersuit is another challenge I am considering to tackle. I must learn to sew at some point. With this suit I may also consider deployment as well. So I will be aiming for T2/T3.
This will definitely be a long term build. Starting may take some time.
Now to play with the scaling on Armorsmith.
Will post again soon.


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The undersuit is another challenge I am considering to tackle. I must learn to sew at some point. With this suit I may also consider deployment as well. So I will be aiming for T2/T3.
We're here to help!


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Good luck! I'll be cheering you on along the way. I'd offer help, but I think you're the expert here haha.
No worries. Cheering me on is more than enough.
This build won't be starting anytime soon. Maybe in the new year.
After FanExpo this weekend, I need to start working my Monster Hunter World build again. Try to have it ready for Halloween.


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Alright... I have changed my plans of becoming a Spartan III. I'll stick to being human. My next Halo build is going to be another ODST. This time the Halo 2 Anniversary version.
Unfortunately the armoury does not have too much in term of files. The only ones available are a pep file and 3d Print file for the helmet.
I have never converted a pep file for foam, so that's something new I can learn by doing it in Armorsmith.
For the rest of the armour I'm out of luck.

I was lucky enough to find a front and back reference photos.
If I go the scratch build route these will help a lot. The build itself will take much longer due to trial and error in making templates but, it would be great learning experience.
The other route would be to get a 3d model of the character and create the needed files in Blender. Unfortunately I do not have the knowledge or skills to performing such tasks.
If there is anyone out there who can donate their time to create foam files. That would be Awsome and truly appreciated by me self and anyone else who is planning to make the same armour set.


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Thanks TurboCharizard, I went through Dagger06 build thread and found links to the armour.
They are all in pep format so it's gonna take some learning for me to convert to foam.
I took the pep files and started scaling them in Armorsmith.

Some tweeking is still needed but I think this is a good start.
Some more good news. My order of Lumin's Workshop Hard-Lite HD foam Arda Wigs arrived today.

In this beautiful bundle is 2mm, 5mm and 10mm.


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Cooooool... I don't think I've ever seen someone build the halo 2 anniversary odst before! Which is surprising considering how awesome he looks!
Dagger06 made an awesome one if you're looking for more h2 odst!