Halo 3 ODST - Rookie - Full Armor Set


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Halo 3 ODST - Rookie - Full Armor Set

The files I made printable are from:

Nothing really new done here. I was just shocked to see how much armor the ODST have on all together.

Please Note: There are some nice bits of armor out there but everything was spread apart. A few notable armor pieces to look into:
Shoulders: ODST Shoulder Armor by HeliumSpoon
Helmet: Halo ODST helmet by lin0004

The reason for uploading the armor set like this is that it gives the end-user a chance to resize the armor to their body and split it up to their 3D print bed.
It's pretty much sized to 5'10" 185LB Person.




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this is hecka cool, but im new to the 405th and pepakura in general. can someone please help me out and literally walk me through how to dowload a file and open it with pepakura. i have pepakura already but the 405th just has me so confused, someone please help


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Hey Damnitmarco. Welcome to the 405th. This model is the 3d printable version of the pepakura files here (Halo 3: ODST - UNSC ODST)

If you are looking to build a pepakura suit of ODST, I would first suggest downloading the armor set above,

And then look at these tutorials on how to build Pepakura Armor:

Pep Method (Safety Guide) - Sean Bradley
The Complete Respirator and Safety Guide

Pep Method (Supply Guide) – Ithica
Complete Noob List

Pep Method (Fiberglass & Resin) – jaysmith
My Resin And Fiberglass Tutorial

Pep Method (Resin, Rondo and Bondo) - Cereal Killer
CEREAL'S - Making Master Chief - ** A Step By Step Tutorial (My Way) **

Pep Method (Smoothing) - Sigma LS

Pep Method (Overview) - Spitfire22V
All-In-One New Member Introduction Guide

Youtube also has plenty of great videos to help.

When you have gone through most of the tutorials and watched some videos, you are going to have questions about your build. Give the search function a go in the top right corner of the 405th.com. If you are still hitting a snag, It's time to start your very own build thread in the "New Recruits" forum of the 405th. This is where myself and others can help you out with specific concerns you have.

You'll do great and we love watching the build process from start to finish. Let me know if you have any more questions.


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Looking at this, I'm realizing I might be able to build an ODST suit as well without having to buy any more foam. Hmmmm.


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Looking at this, I'm realizing I might be able to build an ODST suit as well without having to buy any more foam. Hmmmm.

You can use the suit as is, which is still good, but I had a builder put one set together and he had some improvement suggestions for me. You might want to give me a few weeks to apply his improvements before you decide to print it.