halo 3 release date

when will H3 be released

  • 7/7/07

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  • When they are ready

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I am really excited for halo 3, so I was wondering when would bungie release it? maybe 7/7/07 because they are obssesed with 7, or maybe just when it is ready? I dont know....


I thought it was scheduled to be released sometime in November, I think the 15th. I'm not 100% sure though.


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well it will be in nov. according to our computers at work (gamestop) But the date in nov. 1st only because they don't know what day in nov. it will come out


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nooo we cant curse them again

you remember last time

everyone kept saying "you said it would be out now"

then look at all the problems it had


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Redsleighdown said:
I guess we're gonna have to wait for Peter Moore to get another tattoo to get the official date :roll:
Then they got to, theres no turning after that :stir: yes, yes, yes
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First off, Halo 2 was released on the 9th, not the 15th, second off, if I'm not mistaken, Publishers (Microsoft, in this case) determine when the game will be released, and since MS doesn't have a chronic obsession with the number 7, it probably won't be 7/7/07. Also, there's no way it's going to be 11/1/07, because the people who camp out... will be camping out through halloween (10/31/07). :lindsey:


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since MS doesn't have a chronic obsession with the number 7, it probably won't be 7/7/07. :lindsey:
They kinda do. 7 halos, 7 prophets, 7 ways to completly anhilate the universe as we know it!! jk but i agree. some time in mid nov. works
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no way on 7 7 7 wits gonna be nov 9 like the other halos were released so now its all comming back to me halo 1 nov 9 and halo 2 nov 9 so oblviously halo 3 is gonna be nov 9