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    Great job MasterChief7117. The shins look a little small compared to the boots though.........as well as the thighs. I think that is the coverage Whitewolftiger1 is referring to.
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  2. Yeah the boots are big, already made new ones just need to post it. The thighs are right, and the shins are right in scale also in fact i adjusted the leg armor by a lot already.
    The shins in the picture are also incomplete, it's missing the top part and the armor is pushed higher in position so I can wear it for now without any harness. Other than I have long legs which gives the effect...
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  3. 3489-Halo 4 Master Chief renders 3jpg.jpg InkedG9zDdEl_LI.jpg 19883548_10208627633202124_1558364236_n_LI.jpg Here's the missing piece and a picture in another angle. Chief's new design is also pretty complex and misunderstood. His armor is very well segmented, it's just bulky and comprised with many small pieces and all together it makes the armor look bigger or longer unlike his design back in halo 3.

    3489-Halo 4 Master Chief renders 3jpg.jpg

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    Looking good! Nice seeing you make progress. :)
    And I totally agree, the new 343i GEN2 looks SOOOO damn good. They went much more into realistic one - it allows you for much more mobility but it has protection in crucial areas. Plus, it looks like actual *thick* armor.
    Whereas Bungie didn't really think much, especially with Mark VI which was so restricting, but Chief alone had weird incorrect anatomy. Normally you couldn't sit or crouch in that armor, so no mobility at all and in many places the armor looked so thin as well.
    And no more very restricting space diaper! Now welcome to new generation where you groin protection is built into the techsuit! :D
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  5. Couldn't agree more!! :)
  6. Here's a little update on my work for the past 1 month and half, really trying to balance time for my suit but I think it's paying off!

  7. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Awesome pep and clean foam work!!
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  8. neil-degrasse-tyson-shades-pointing-business-insider.jpg
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    that looks much better....also I didn't take in to account of the knee armor. Once all of these little pieces are filled in. those large gaps will fill out nicely. Great job!!!
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  10. Got one glove done



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  11. Schankerz


    *GASP* You build the mighty Master Chief in the presence of a Locke controller???? How dare you sir, how dare you...

    Heresy aside...that glove and forearm look soooo good man, really awesome pep work! (y)

    And thank you !!!!
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    Haha. Well I guess I'm a heretic, too. :D

    And that pile of eaten carrot cake Hershey Kisses is a pile of shame! xD Those things are naaasssttyy. lol.

    Anyway, that's a really nice clean pep you've got there. Corners look sharp and creases look clean! Did you use a Silhouette Cameo or other similar device for that?
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  14. Bruhh I don't like the flavor, but I got no choice for the rest of the night xD And nope, just a regular printer and a good ol' xacto knife
  15. IMG_1470.JPG IMG_1469.JPG Cutting up some roving
  16. Sorry for not updating, but here is the progress on the exo-chief. Please no angry comments about how it looks, it’s just my twist to it and is also an ongoing experiment. I’d like to hear your thoughts about it too! 3F70303E-8A2B-4A87-9863-7BF319BAC88A.png 804F9B82-EFA7-467B-A1EC-7F630B34603C.png 1866F8CC-331D-4288-9DAE-68B2AAFA62BC.png
  17. Just painted some parts for exo chief! Will do a repaint next time


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    Nicely done........I do like how you have "Hydraulic-ed" the leg braces. Good job.
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  19. Hahaha thank you! There’s actually springs in there so it somehow works.
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  20. AlphaPrym

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  21. eiros

    eiros 405th Regiment Officer

    Certainly sounds like an interesting idea, I heard the military have exoskeletons to help those in artillery pick up and move large shells for greater distances. Don't know true it is but hey if not they could use this as insperation
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  22. hahaha interesting but true, I’ve searched up a bunch of exoskeletons already, and if I’m right I think you might be talking about the HULC exoskeleton. But none the less, the hulc exo to me is my favorite, it’s sleek and I can see how it can be fitted with armor.
  23. eiros

    eiros 405th Regiment Officer

    How is the fiberglass holding up to the hydraulics? My biggest concern is that they will break apart
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