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  1. Nah I didn't sculpt it, I used pepakura for the templates, folded them all and then fiberglassed it. You can find foam templates in the link you sent earlier in the thread.
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    Did Master Chief always have the green there I thought it was always black?

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    Chief's undersuit was changed to have green coloring in Halo 5. Halo 4 had black undersuit parts, but it was changed for Halo 5.

    Also, please refrain from posting in other people's build threads. If you have a question, post it in your own build thread in the "General Halo Discussion" sub-forum.
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    Just to clarify, hope you don't mind. The techsuit (undersuit) changed from Halo 4 to Halo 5 - you can see the whole texture and literally everything about it. In Halo 5 Chief has a new and fully upgraded GEN2 armor.
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    Nice! Always nice to see a fiberglass build! Good luck, you have already some nice progress. :)

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  6. yep what he said hehe!
  7. THANK YOU! Honor to have your comment here commander!
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    Oh wow, you're welcome. :)
  9. oh yeah, what material did you use for your visor?
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    Best explained [[here]].
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  11. IMG_7476.JPG IMG_7478.JPG IMG_7479.JPG IMG_7480.JPG

    So here are some tips that I learned on how to get cleaner and more effective ways when working with fiberglass

    - Use baby powder to coat surface of resined piece (dry resin) with a brush to remove tacky surface
    - I also put baby powder on my gloves and skin that way fibers and resin won't get stuck as much, and that they won't enter your pores!
    - Use spray adhesive to stick the fiberglass on your pep, when it's glued and dry, just apply resin and you won't worry as much with getting fibers stuck on your brush

    - Use fiberglass CHOPPED STRAND MAT!!, it can fill in gaps better and can be a lot stronger since it has fibers going in all direction unlike fiberglass cloth. It is also easier to apply!
    A lot of people say the cloth is better, but in reality fiberglass is the same material in the end of the day, in other words it can only be stronger depending on your use and layers! (density is factor too) But this is how I do it, up to you if want to use cloth.

    - Stop cutting your fiberglass into tiny squares, I know it is very different when it comes to costume making, but try your best to use bigger pieces. Not only will it give you a cleaner
    advantage when working, but you are then able to utilize what fiberglass is for! Cutting it defeats its purpose! But you can go ahead and use smaller pieces for certain areas when necessary ^^

    - And always wear a proper respirator, gloves, and any protection for your skin! Work in a ventilated area and fiberglass the inside of your work!!

    Hope these tips were useful, you guys can ask for more if you want or even share your tips and tricks!
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    Looking good bro! As for me the pieces that I'll be fiber glassing next, I'm ditching the adhesive spray. To time consuming. I find that the spray dries to quick, and then you have to keep applying more in between laying the fiberglass. Maybe its the brand name? I see that you were using Elmers. The spray that I used was Loctite brand. Finger tips get very sticky, and messy from the spray. But, like you have mentioned the baby powder helps. Keep plugging away!
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    Your pepakura work looks really clean, nice job!
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    Looks like it fits really well! Very nice job with the pep btw.
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  15. Yeah I think it maybe the brand or something, the spray I use actually gave me a lot of working time. But I'll clarify next time, I'll do some testing to see how long it lasts. Thanks!!
  16. IMG_7485.JPG IMG_7489.JPG IMG_7491.JPG

    So as I resined the two shin pieces, I realized that one shin was slightly larger by 1 cm. So I clamped it on a vise and heated it to shape, it worked well and is now balanced in shape.
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    nice, man! looks great!

    Now...may I ask why there's a drill press in your kitchen? :lol:
    along with other machinery and such...Haha.

    But seriously, nice job! I'm looking forward to you Bondo-ing those bad boys up!! :D
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  18. hahahahah, never thought my work shed would look like a kitchen XD
    And my dad has an engineering background hehe
  19. IMG_7517.JPG
    Fiberglass templates hahahaha IMG_7518.JPG
    Looking good so far IMG_7520.JPG
    I gotta admit, that was the cleanest glassing I've done hahahaha
    Well, shit loads more of layers to go!!!
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    The glassing was killing it for me, keep up the good work
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  21. Just a little overview with what I have, I have more pieces done I just can't wear it atm. HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT

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    Cool but need more covering
  23. Covering?

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