Halo 5 Guardian Spartan Locke Build


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Fantastic job on the build barricade65!!! Very surprised you didn't make to 3...granted I didn't see the other contestants bu tour suit was spot on!!! At least you scored points w/ Spider -Woman!!!


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Damn dude, unlucky with not making the top 3. Still though, excellent job with the build. Incredible for your first competition and you can only get better as you keep building :)

Ronin Armory

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21459998_1648206955221325_390838014_o.jpg 21460067_1648206855221335_1460247735_o.jpg 21533532_1648206115221409_1884126174_o.jpg 21533553_1648206908554663_1697648984_o.jpg
Hi guys, Its been a while since I updated my Spartan Locke, Here is the Final Ver of it. Fully Repainted and lower body redone and some parts here and there. Overall I feel this is a more completed build than the earlier version.
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Ronin Armory

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Incase anyone is curious about the colour palette I used here it is
21584840_1651212214920799_1630275861_n.jpg 21584601_1651212208254133_98665640_n.jpg 21584722_1651212201587467_949282132_n.jpg
Colour used
- Blue Grey
- Black Dark Grey
- Deep Black

Will upload some pics I used for the upcomming events
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