Halo 5 Guardian Spartan Locke Build

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Hello everyone, I'm from Singapore and this is my first ever Halo costume I'm making. This costume has been in the works since mid Jan 2017 and was completed on 31st March 2017. There was a lot of issue building it from scratch as I could not find any foam pepakura files, so basically I free hand everything.

At the beginning I just build the helmet for fun to see if my free hand and observation skills are of any good. The helmet turned out pretty good, so I decided to build the rest of the suit. There was a lot of frustration and complication along the way as some parts for e.g the under suit chest piece was off proportion, the chest piece was too small. I had to redo all the parts that I personally feel was off and that took a lot of my time.

I'm currently in my final year of Animation course and I had little to no time working on this costume, what actually kept me going was looking at what the final product would look like.

Materials I used Eva foam 6mm and 5mm. Craft foam 2mm and 1mm. Coated with Plasti dip and everything was then hand painted.


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I agree with the rest, amazing build! Let us see those boots :D. Quite a nice job for free handed work, especially in three months time, that's quite fast for a build.


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Oh my goodness, how I wish I had your skill! Even more commendable hearing that you done this in three months, freehand (mindblown). Fantastic job on the build mate, you should be proud :)

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Awesome build..... one of my boys wanted me to do them a Locke build. But I suggested something else as I didnt think I could have pulled it off. You made it look easy to pull this off in 3 months.

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Hi all thank you for your kind comments, well here is a full body shot of what my build looks like.
I apologized for the late reply as right now I am in a middle of my school assements.
I finished this build one hour before the cosplay event starts and yeah It was a huge risk.
The reason why I do not like the boots is because I just finished the arms and the whole lower body just the day before
and finished installing the led lights an hour before the event started.

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Well these are the photos taken by a friend of mine during the competition.
I made it to the top 20 Finalist but I did not got into top 3.
Well this was my first competition but I will do better next time.
Halo isn't really that well known in my country but I met a lot of anime friends in this comp.
17545201_1364075536984920_5900550300376566258_o.jpg 17621799_1364082223650918_8785552846593157511_o.jpg 17635292_1364077143651426_4604656986713674336_o.jpg 17758426_1364075326984941_2626635123807058570_o.jpg 17758583_1364075296984944_2001918351596151609_o.jpg

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