Halo Reach - Noble 5 Printable Armor - Jorge-052 and M247 Machine Gun


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Halo Reach - Noble 5 Printable Armor - Thingiverse

This is an armor set remixed from a Pepakura armor files uploaded on the 405th.com forum. I didn't have one soource for the pdo files so I will just link to the 5 posts where I got most of the files that I then turned into Noble 5.

The files I made printable are:
1)Halo: Reach - MJOLNIR Mark V - EVA
2)Halo: Reach - MJOLNIR Mark V - Grenadier
3)Halo: Reach - MJOLNIR Mark V - Accessories
4)Halo: Reach - MJOLNIR Mark V - Standard
5)Halo: Reach - MJOLNIR Mark V - Accessories

a few things to note:
1) It is currently scaled to 5'10" 185lb person.
2) I made my own Shins from scratch. I couldn't find any Pepakura files that worked.
3) The M247 was already in pieces but it needed to be split further in order to assemble. Some parts just didn't make sense the way they were for printing purposes.