Halo Reach style ODST

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ok guys guess its time to show what i have been working on lately. i have been working on a reach ODST. i have molded alot of the parts from my Halo 3 version ODST. and others u have made just for this. i have had alot of help from a good buddy gene you all know him as TD2253. and you can see alot of this work in the fan film that i am helping on called Halo: The Fallen go check out my work and many others on there FB page.







Excellent progress man,

Glad to see your still sticking with the hell jumpers! And gota say those foam pieces are looking really good.

Keep it up trooper!
thanks man and yes i just think troopers and odst's have way more fun. and foam is so nice to wear just alot lighter and dont cut into you.
It's looking really nice so far. I love seeing ODST builds, especially the ones from Reach for some reason. Any pictures of the shins on you for reference?
not yet but will take some today man. just wants to start painting them so yeah will have a few different pix
hey guys just wanted to show you all the first 2 casts of my bucket. these are mine i built the master and molded it. and these are also the helm design you will all see in the Halo fan film The Fallen. so go check it out will have those shin pix up soon also due to starting to paint them.



Looking very good. I have only seen a few very decent, non-spartan Reach builds, and this is definitely one of them.
thanks guys it took so long to post this due to no body really ever posts comments on other people's builds anymore. its just stupid talk now a days. but i should have the pix of the shins up tonight have to paint the details on one part and then weather and seal them.
I have to say, I've been following the progress on this armor and I've always loved the ODST's as a whole, and I think you do them justice. I can't wait to see how your full suit turns out, and I hope we see another update soon. Good job mate.
hey guys thanks and yes there will be an update of the shins tomorrow morning so that no1 misses it. but i can say they are looking nice
Hey Chris, those helmets are looking great man! Did you also make a buck for the visor so we can vac-form it? Can't wait to get my own ODST helmet dude!
thanks gee and when ever u want that cast we can trade like we said. and other then that guys here are the shins so far just eed to weather them and clear coat.


thanks man means alot. and yet this is why i didnt want to post this build not much attention is ever given to alot of the builds anymore but i will keep you all posted with what i can. and if you have not checked it out yet go look at Halo: The Fallen on facebook. this suit plus others from fellow 405th embers will be shown in the film.
Wow. This is some nice work you have here. I'm making an ODST build myself. Ill be keeping an eye on this one. I hope you get this build done soon!
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