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    I am commited to going through the entire Halo library this year and catch up on all the books. I found this list from CardinalDocSon at Waypoint. Not sure how accurate it is since it is from 2015, but it is going to be my starting point.
    1. Evolutions (Volume 1 Only) - Soma the Painter
    2. Cryptum: Book One of the Forerunner Saga
    3. Primordium: Book Two of the Forerunner Saga
    4. Silentium: Book Three of the Forerunner Saga
    5. Broken Circle
    6. Evolutions – Pariah
    7. Contact Harvest
    8. Halo Wars (game)
    9. Evolutions – Midnight in the Heart of Midlothian
    10. The Cole Protocol
    11. The Fall of Reach / Halo Reach (game)
    12. Evolutions – Dirt
    13. Evolutions – Blunt Instruments
    14. The Flood (Book) / Halo Combat Evolved (game)
    15. First Strike
    16. Evolutions – The Mona Lisa
    17. Evolutions – Palace Hotel
    18. Halo 2 (game)/ Halo ODST (game)
    19. Evolutions (Volume 2 Only) - Wages of Sin
    20. Ghosts of Onyx
    21. Evolutions – Human Weakness
    22. Halo 3 (game)
    23. Halo: Initiation (Comic)
    24. Glasslands
    25. Evolutions - The Impossible Life and the Possible Death of Preston J. Cole
    26. Evolutions – From the Office of Dr. William Arthur Iqbal
    27. The Thursday War
    28. Mortal Dictata
    29. Last Light
    30. Hunters in the Dark
    31. New Blood
    32. Halo 4 (game)
    33. Halo: Escalation (Comic)
    34. Halo Spartan Assault (game)
    35. Halo Spartan Strike (game)
    36. Evolutions – The Return
    37. Shadow of Intent
    38. Halo 5: Guardians (game)
    There is a MUCH more comprehensive list of all Halo media here:

    The Halo Story, and where to find it. V2 | Halo Universe | Forums | Halo - Official Site

    and here:

    Halo Canon Order (Halo 3 and Before) | Halo Universe | Forums | Halo - Official Site

    For now I am just sticking to the books I can get on Audible.

    Starting today with:

    Cryptum: Book One of the Forerunner Saga
    Primordium: Book Two of the Forerunner Saga
    Silentium: Book Three of the Forerunner Saga
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    I have read all of them but the comics. I loved almost all of them. My least favorite was the forerunner series, I don't know I just found them a tough read.... but they do give you a better grasp on the whole halo universe, so I still would recommend reading them. I liked the cole protocol the best for audio books. It actually had some background sound effects like the humming of a ship and light music in he beginning of chapters. Plus the narrator was very good, so I definetly recommend that one on audible.
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    Man the books and expanded lore are my absolute favorite part about Halo, I'm still going through it all but I've gone through most of it. I just finished reading Glasslands and it was pretty * amazing, so much insight into Sangheili culture and they're status after the Covenant civil war as well as a major theme of ethics in terms of the Spartan II and III programs.
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    Some audio books NOT in the above list:

    • Saint's Testimony: HALO
    • HALO: Smoke and Shadow
    • HALO: Fractures - Extraordinary Tales from the Halo Canon
    • HALO: Envoy (not out yet)

    Got through Cryptum last night and working on Primordium now. I LIKE these!
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    Primordium was like reading the Two Towers lol
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    Smoke and shadow was pretty good. Ties in with halowars. I just started halo fractures, pretty good so far but I'm not a real big fan of short stories. Seems like they just start getting good then just end.
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    From the forerunner trilogy,I liked Silentium the most.....
    The Speciesism bothered me. Forerunners and Presuccors acted like little brats sometimes. Instead of supporting Individuals they focused on their favorite species. Maybe there were good reasons for that. Your body somehow limits you and your capeabilities of understanding - the precursors were not bound by these chains (could even transform their biomass into everything imaginable) - but instead of offering an uplift for other races they tried to eradicate them. Somehow reminds of the great flood story in the bible (what a coincidence ;-) The Forerunners did the same by surpressing lifeforms who could once obtain the mantle. Because of this narrow mindset it all went downhills. I saw the firing of the halos as the ultimate sacrifice (it still is) but now also as their (the forerunners) redemption. Although i think that A:I.s could have the possibility to surpass their creators, unfortunately i see Cortana repeat these same mistakes. I fear that this is an endless cycle: In this fictional universe but also in our world.
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    Your list is pretty good but i wouldn`t really recommend Halo: Escalation. It starts of somewhat good but than just has a huge drop in quality (just my opinion) and in one of the final issues Halsey does something that really bothered me (i don`t want to spoil anything for anyone). Maybe my biggest problem is that Brian Reed just tends to write his way out of difficult situations that he previously set up in previous issues and the results are then disapointing (again just my opinion). I don`t now how Halo: Reach (the game) really fits into the Halo canon (i view it as some sort of retcon) because in the book The fall of Reach the Spartan III program was just briefly mentioned but the program itself started a little later, if i remember correctly (Also Spartan IIIs don`t have Mjolnir armor) but the game itself was pretty good. Hunters in the dark is pretty amazing and your list reminded me that i still need to read Shadow of Intent.
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    I just realized that your list is missing The last light by Troy Denning which is also a very good book.
    I don`t know when it takes place in the Halo timeline but its sometime before the plot of Halo 5 takes of.
  10. Manu

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    And i don`t know if you have read the Kilo Five triology but its also pretty amazing.
    (Sorry that i posted so much on this thread but somehow my first post got posted three times and so i had to change them to these other comments)
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    Recent releases;

    -Halo: Envoy
    >>Has connections to the short story in Halo: Fractures - "Oasis"

    -Halo: Retribution
    >>Has connections to the short story in Halo: Fractures - "A Necessary Truth" and Halo: Last Light

    -Halo: Legacy of Onyx
    >> Has connections to the short story in Halo: Fractures - "Lessons Learned" and Halo: New Blood
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    I enjoyed Envoy and I’m liking Retribution (currently reading). Guess I haven’t found a Halo series book I haven’t liked.
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    Haha right? They're all good in their own way. I also enjoyed Envoy. It was amazing!!
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    just going to say this but anyone reading the books see where halo is heading... its a loop because what happened to the forerunners is happening again only this time its cortana running the show.
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    Thank you for the list! i just got new blood then i will be doing the exact same thing as you! :D
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    Also thank you very much for the list! I've only read a few, as I tend to own all books that I want to read.

    I so far haven't dislike a single one of the books I've read. Currently I am reading silent storm, and it really captures you. I can hardly stop reading!
    I also really enjoyed envoy!

    As of now I want to collect all the books, but there are so many to catch up with that I am failing at reading them in chronological order.. when I have all of them together, I will read all of them again.
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