Halo regiments by state or city

Are there currently any groups formed from this forum that go to cons together and represent the community, i tried the search function and came up empty handed....was wondering if there was anything similar to what goes on over at the 501st where they actually have teams formed that represent a certain area


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IDK if there's anyone besides me that's in SC that's on here. I'd be a two-spartan outpost!(me and my friend, but he isn't a member here.)

LongShot X

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If there is anyone up here in the Great White North, West coast. (Fraser Valley) Give me a shout. I'd love to join up with you.


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Can i be the representative for Ohio?! unless someone already has it.
I'll actually be there July 8th at Centerville Ohio, right now I live in Germany. lol!
Good idea penutbuttr!

Walter Spase

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This is an age old discussion. There has been work toward forming an official costuming organization, but as of yet, it has been put on hold by the site staff.

Feel free to form your own local social groups, and work amongst each other though.


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you can make movie quality armor. If we do go official, we'll be like the 501st and only let people with the best armor be part of the official membership.


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No, there would be recruits, and members. Members would get special privileges and rights, and recruits would hopefully work towards membership.
i think it would be great...kind of an incentive to get your armor finished...not only the fact that you are getting everything put together...but knowing you also belong to that elite club


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Instead of making a new thread I thought I'd throw this out, sorry if I'm derailing or anything, but are there any members from Kentucky on here or am I the only one?


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I like the idea of regiments. We oughta split Texas up into several, just because of all the members. D/FW Regiment, Houston Regiment, West Texas Regiment?

I'm not so sure I dig the exclusivity thing, though. Given, I've never been to the 501st website, but the way that sounds, unless you're an elite artist, along the lines of the ones we all know by heart on this site, you're basically screwed, no matter how much you contribute to the site. (I say that because I'm not so good at this, and well, I don't contribute :p)
i think it would be great to include anyone who is signed up...not necessarily 501st elite group...but even the guys who can only complete a few pieces of armor...i dont think we should limit and put exclusivity on membership...i dont think anyone else in kansas city even does this i am just trying to find groups close