HALO SPACESHIPS, 3D printing all kinds of ships in the Halo array

What should be printed next?(scale 1:5346)

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at the top bar of this thread, there should be a tab on the top-right somewhere that says "thread tools" edit the title using that.

In order to post PDFs, you need to put it in a folder, then compress the folder into a .zip file.

hope this helps!
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Hey there forum,
Having printed out the first test version of my seventy slices CAS makes finding the correct 1 cm thick foam boards the only thing left standing between paper drawings and actual construction.
This week I will search for the correct foambords and the right stabilization beam.
With stabilization beam i mean the reinforcement of the thin deks connecting the front and main hull parts of the ship.
This week i will also take a look at posting the PDF file :)
Again this PDF file is ment for the construction of a 70cm long CAS carrier made out of 1 cm thick slices.
[Update on this message in particular]
there might be ''download here'' tabs right underneath this message. these do not redirect you to the file i posted two years ago
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Hello there once again internet,
Quick update on the construction:
I just purchased the right foam sheets with a thickness of 1cm and they will be delivered within the next three weeks.
This means that the construction can finally start in the upcomming weeks so stay tuned for upcomming content:D
The delivery...
Two days ago a Package containing 25!! 1cm thick foam sheets arrived.
I already printed the model out on paper and had cut the slices out of the paper.
So in other words the construction could start as soon as i was home. Construction began and after two days of almost non-stop glueing cutting and sticking pieces together I finnaly had all the correct slices cut out.
This morning I couldt resist and stuck all the slices temporarily together with 18cm long sticks and some needles.
the result is better then i expected tho:lol:.
Here are some pictures:

The package as deliverd

The slices printed out and glued with wood glue onto the sheats

Here i was busy with cutting all the slices out of the foam :)

And the 'Sticking it together came'... this was a rather unpleasant work as i was constantly afraid of pushing to hard on certain pieces or perhaps breaking them. lucky enough that didn`t even happen once.

And then finnaly after a Great Journey 'The moment of Salvation' arrived when i stuck the last pieces in place.
Now just finding a way to continiue. I am planning to add lights in it and a revolving light cercuit at the main laser beam to reconstruct the glassing effect.
Fortunately Blur Studios showed exactly how the mechanism of the main glassing beam works in one of there cuttscenes in Halo Wars 2.
This showed somthing of a rottary circle, cirkeling around the beam. Perhaps this is to genterate somekind of magnetic energie?
Its fun to see how big and unwieldy the previous version is compared to the the new one.
Due to a length reduction of about 42% the long neck/weight problem is easier to tackle.


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Out of curiosity, is there any particular reason why you chose EPS over XPS for this build?
Not really, I have worked with both and find EPS easier to use when you are carving in some details. XPS always seems to break of when I`m cutting it. Still XPS would perhaps indeed be a better choice.
Besides this, EPS was easier to get at my local store and much cheaper wich gives me more budget later on details, lights and perhaps even sound.


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If you end up building another ship, I would propose doubling the number of slices and halving the foam thickness to yield a smoother model. You've got your work cut out for you smoothing out all those thick slices. Is this meant to be a master for casting? If not, how are you going to put lighting inside being solid foam?


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Lighting inside of foam isn't too difficult, it just takes a bit of forethought into order of operations and a bit of creative thinking. I've made a Fuel Rod Cannon and Needler from foam and buried electronics within, the only thing I'm not a huge fan of for it is burying long cables and solder joins that can never be repaired if something goes wrong.
It has been a while and i`ve been busy doing other things but at the moment i am busy doing some progres on the ship so stay tuned. Your fuelrod cannon looks great btw TurboCharizard:)
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Thanks, The Universe. Sadly, I can't get it to work. I am stuck with only a toughbook running xp and mint. I've done a months worth of research, and yes, 123d make is definitely what I'd like to have. Truly a perfect program, until Autodesk decided to 'improve', and made the hardware and OS requirements higher. Thanks for looking out though!