HALO SPACESHIPS, 3D printing all kinds of ships in the Halo array

What should be printed next?(scale 1:5346)

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Hello Halo Fans!
Do you have a passion for the spaceships in Halo then this is the right place.
on this thread we discuss the construction of covenant and UNSC Ships. I personally am working on the CAS Shadow of intent and her surrounding fleet {scale 1 to 5346}.

Feel free to join our conversation and post your own progress or reflect on the work of others!
[Posted 5-3-2019]

Actual first post [17-11-2016]
hi there!
I`m new to the forum and don`t realy know all the functions while my english can be bad from time to time. i`l stil try my best ;)
In this blog i would like to ask you to help build me the ship of my dreams.

Shadow of intent an assault carrier with a big history.
I have a the 3d file and already tried it in Perkura designer 4.
The problem is that when i unfold the 3d model, it unfolds itself into gigantic weard looking 2d textures models wich overlap each other.
I dont have the knoledge to cut the pieces proparly from eachother and put them onto seperate sheets.
I was hoping to find someone who has the same love for Covenant assault Carriers as i have and is willing to help me out.
With your help i might unfold the ship proparly and make it into an amazing Peperkura file that others wil also be able to use.
I hope i can get some help with this build and look forward to its completion ;)
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This is the problem that i have. The Peperkura Designer makes a lot of very weird looking chunks.
Covenant cv file.PNG


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You need to designate what parts of the model you need to be cutout, otherwise it will clip parts and make the parts way too small to handle.
found that tip out the hard way when attempting to unfold my H5 locus helmet :p


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Yes, its an easy process with the specify edges tool or whatever its called, but takes forever to actually do, possibly not, might just be me and Halo 5 models (why so high def?!?)
So what i did was unfolding it manually and this was the result:
Much better layout. but i still need to split some parts from each other.
Covenant cv file 02.PNG

- - - Updated - - -

Here`s a more detailed picture from what i mean:) Covenant cv file 03.PNG


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You'll need to use the 'Join/Separate Edges' tool to split things up further.

As an aside - are you sure you want to do this project from Pepakura and not simply carve it from foam? You'd have an easier time.
I tried making it from foam but the weight was to much for the large front component. then i tried to use papermache to make it stronger and that worked. but the papermache made the surface very rough and i don`t realy know how to fix this problem. I still have the model and can post some pictures of the ship if you want to? :)

- - - Updated - - -

Warning! Its a rough model and details aren`t there btw:lol


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the papermache made the surface very rough and i don`t realy know how to fix this problem.

Using high-grit sandpaper (200grit at the very least) would help, and you could also look into other products to help smooth the surface over later (plaster of Paris is a good start).


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You should post some pictures so that we can look at what you are specifically doing. It'll help people make better suggestions :D
As promised, here are some Pictures. Again its a very VERY rough model thats being hold together with glue and penciles:$
I have made some pictures from difrent angles trying to bring over the overal shape of it.
So what do you think of it?
Ps: Not all the parts have yet been coverd with papermache ;)

- - - Updated - - -

Btw the gray stuff on the ship is a flexible form of clay wich was another idea to smoothout the surface and make the structure stronger. This does work but i never did the whole ship.

- - - Updated - - -

This was the main picture i used


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I still see this project as an training project and i am thinking to just start all over again.
This time I will take some of the faults i made in this project with me to the next one.
For example: This model as shown here does not have an inner skeleton.
In my new model i want to build a little frame before adding the foam in smaller bits.
Peperkura could help me with the most important pieces in some way:D.
An other exaple could be the making size measuring (Wich ofcourse would also be included in the frame).
So yeah in short, I might start a complete new build out of foam and already look forward to it :)
Hello there Once again!
Its been over two months now and a lot has happened. I haven't been able to talk to you guys between my last post and now but do have made some progress
I Have started all over again with a complete new approach.
I have used 123D autodesk to cut a 3d model from the ship into 70 tiny stacked slices.
Doing this, I can easily print the slices out on paper and stick them to flat foamboard.
Here are some pictures:


The new version I call 'Shadow of intent 2.0' is a smaller version wich has a lengt of 70cm (27,6inch) and a width of about 12 inch.
I also have a Pdf file from the slices for those who want to try to build one themselves.

i`l post the file as soon as somebody tells me how i post pdf files
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