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HaloChief89's Halo Art Thread

Discussion in 'General Halo Discussion' started by Halochief89, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Termhn


  2. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    New commission done for someone on deviantART

    Spartan Wyatt and Spartan McKleen

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  3. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    Did a commission of a Skirmisher (with a Ninjato)


    And I finished the 2nd Sketch Page, more action oriented shots

  4. arma358

    arma358 PR Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Dude, that is some pretty awesome artwork. Wish I had the creative talent to do something like that. :p
  5. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    Started working on a Fire Team Quiver drawing with all of them together in the same way BLUE team is on the Halo 5 Cover. Here is the line art of

    Wasp and Ghost so far.
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  6. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    After seeing Halo 5's footage decided to take a whirl at HUD Communication Icons for QUIVER as well I redesigned QUIVER's logo instead of a single droopy arrow.

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  7. Afrousjojo


    I love your style.
    awesome gallery.

    Are you always on Da?
  8. Roku


    Your the creator of the dogtag comic ? Awesome I remember following it some time ago and very much enjoyed it :) Love your line art and your Halo 5 HUD.

    Fantastic art! Look foreword to your future work.
  9. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    Yea coming on to 10 years there now. Wish there were more art gallery sites but sadly I haven't found any.

    Yep I drew up DogTags. Need to do more comics for Halo.

    Not all done with the Team Shot as the finished piece will be complete with background lighting and detailing. But here it is so far.

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  10. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    And now it is finished with a hastily made background!

  11. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    Working on a ANVIL Initiative Comic now

    halo_ammunition__anvil_initiative_pg_1_by_guyver89-d918rjb.jpg halo_ammunition__anvil_initiative_pg_2_by_guyver89-d9220nf.jpg
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  12. zushikikato

    zushikikato New Member

    This one looks awesome!
  13. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member


    New Page!
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  14. Seth Knight

    Seth Knight

    Amazing! You have a lot of talent and skill! Good job :)

  15. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    Working on more backstory for my Spartans so I decided to focus on small moments when they trained on Onyx.

    Quiver Tall meeting Quiver Wasp on Onyx when being assigned to the team.


    Quiver Ghost helping his sister B031 Tana up onto a Pelican.


    An Up to Date (2558 after Spartan ops) of Fire Team Quiver

  16. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    Page 4 finished!
  17. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

  18. Hellbringer17

    Hellbringer17 Member

    Impressive work! I Like your style :)
  19. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    spartan_c195___2558_by_guyver89-d9lis1g.png thel__vadam___2558_by_guyver89-d9p1t47.png

    2 more finished :)
  20. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    More Pages and Drawings :)

    halo_ammunition__anvil_initiative_pg_5_by_guyver89-d9i26kn.jpg halo_ammunition__anvil_initiative_pg_6_by_guyver89-d9imcsa.jpg halo_ammunition__anvil_initiative_pg_7_by_guyver89-d9kwguj.jpg

    commission__spartan_aaron_malcolm___amber_1_by_guyver89-d9s1qny.png spartan_fonzie_reporting_in_by_guyver89-d9jfivo.jpg

    sketches__wasp_s_arms_by_guyver89-d9qgeh5.jpg halo_ammunition__under_armor_fitting_room_by_guyver89-d9sth86.png
    suit2_by_guyver89-d9t5iq1.png halo_ammunition__more_arm_study_by_guyver89-d9trqkp.jpg halo_ammunition__more_arm_study_2_by_guyver89-d9ucfyz.jpg

  21. Bucs37DK


    Pretty awesome stuff here! Im always a sucker for Halo art :)
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  22. Kovac65

    Kovac65 New Member

    Can someone tell me where I can get the pep files for a halo 3 EOD chestplate and shoulders?
  23. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    Attached Files:

  24. mblackwell1002


    nice art! nice comic, too!

    though, I have to point out a few inaccuracies with your comic's physics.

    when the pelican got shot (which was awesome, BTW) and the left engine was disabled, they easily would have made it to the LZ. My father was a pilot for the US military, and he flew a C-17 Globemaster. in the real world, an aircraft can survive half of it's engines being disabled, plus, the pelican has tail-mounted thrusters. so it would make it to the LZ.

    I'm not trying to be a jerk, just provide attention to detail for this excellent comic.

    nice work, and keep it up!
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  25. Halochief89

    Halochief89 Member

    Yeah its just a storyboard really, the real mission the pelican really gets nailed (Look at the cinematic of Spartan Ops episode 1 where the pelicans entering the gateway getting destroyed in 1 hit.)

    But yeah the pelican would probably survive a situation like that. (Unlike in Halo 3 pelicans in the first campaign mission.)

    Another finished Commission :)

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Feb 1, 2017

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