Hammer Time FINISHED!

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I recently acquire a Gravity Hammer kit :)
They were made by DogWizard some time ago, it came with a parts list but no instructions.

In this pic I placed all the parts where they should go.

Anybody knows where these to tubing parts go ?

there identified as "hammerhead stub" and "upper reinforcement - trim to fit"

Can't wait to take this pose :)

Thx for your help
Given your future pose pic and the tiny little hammer, it looks like those are the three bits on the front of the hammer head.
@ sidheman: the 3 Hammer teeth goes in the front like you say, I knew that, but its the 2 pvc tube that im wondering where they go?
I'm not exactly sure where they go, but I think I've seen other people post their builds of his hammer, try searching for one of their threads.

Also, I'm super jealous, I want a hammer so bad.
Little update,

Big thanks to DogWizard who I contacted last week and he send me instruction in PDF.
Since then I worked a lot on the Hammer. I've completed the handgrip, mid section and today glued the handguard.


Everything that will be painted is sanded with 220 grit, all glued parts are sanded with 100 grit for more adhesion from the epoxy or PVC glue.

That was the easy part :cool

Tomorrow I'll start the upper shaft and head assembly

Wish me luck.

Comments are welcome
Wow that's looking great so far! Looking forward to seeing this done! You're going to play some Grifball after this right?
Wow that's looking great so far! Looking forward to seeing this done! You're going to play some Grifball after this right?

Thx Metalfire, I'll need the bomb to play Grifball ;)

Did some work today, the lower part is complete and primed

I've begun to assemble the hammer head, the most stressful part to do of this piece is the PVC tubing that goes inside the head against the upper wall. It has to be centered, at a right angle and aligned strait with the shaft.

And now this part is done so, Hooray ! :)
Finally some nice weather so I can work at home in the shed :)

All the holes are done, everything is looking straight.

In this pic it all hold's together with the wood pegs.

Next is paint some of the hard to get access to pieces and glue it all together.
aww, look at the cute little hammer XD ....
seriously though, this is gonna kick some major arse... i think also that the extra tubing you got would go inside the hammer head/inserted tubing if you haven't already found a home for it. i can't wait to see this baby with the paint on it, it looks amazing already...
Thanks guys for the replies

@ Stiilus : Yes every tube is in its place thanks to DogWizard who send me the instruction.

But I add a little extra just to make it stronger. A 1" wooden dowel all along the handgrip trough the upper shaft and in the HammerHead assembly, all epoxy glued :)

It goes in like this

More to come
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