Hello Just starting my first Halo build. I've been building armor for a few years ready to get started on This project!

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I've been building armor for a few years ready to get started on This project!


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Fantastic work! And as very clean print up as well! What is your plan for the color scheme you are going for with it? I also am loving the proportion of the UA on the Pilot, it looks very well balanced!

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Here's some progress on my Halo Reach


  • 20210125_175045.jpg
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Looks great! Im jealous of the resin printer, do you need any post processing on a resin print?
I am new to resin printing. I have been FDM printing for three years and It is truly amazing the results of a resin printer. There is a small amount of post processing but no where near the FDM prints. I attached a picture of the cod that's how it came off the printer. I am mixing the two types since my resin printer is too small to do the whole suit. Plus resin can be brittle so I am trying to make the best choices for each piece. My main helmet is FDM the visor, skull, comm are resin. Chest and back will be FDM, belt, hand toppers, bracers and knees are resin. That all I have printed so far.


  • 20210129_135932.jpg
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those are so smooth! really great job! Can I ask what method you're using to get such an amazing result?
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