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Hey look, another ODST. (WIP) (Pic heavy)

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Jimmy Da Moose, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Not another post! What can I say, no one has responded.

    Anyway, its done. The right gauntlet, last major piece of armor has been finished. I'm only going to post one picture of it right now, because it looks a lot like the left one.

    Tomorrow I'll post pics in full armor, but this is all I'm showing right now. I am still going to try and make custom gloves, but I'm wearing my armor to a con this weekend and I just don't have time to finish them, so I'm going to by a pair of fingerless gloves for now.

    I hope you guys like!

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  2. Inheritor95

    Inheritor95 Jr Member

    Your gauntlet and knife look awesome! cant wait to see everything together.
  3. Annanymous

    Annanymous Well-Known Member

    The paint job looks like it was done really well, and I really like the red on the chest. I can't wait to see pics of the entire suit tomorrow :D

    I am jealous that you are going to a con this weekend
  4. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Thank you! The paint turned out well in the end, but if you look, there are little cracks that are all over it (it may be hard to tell, idk). I used a few foam bits, then sealed it with plasti-dip, but the gray coat over top didn't bond right and it made a ton of little cracks. It really bothers me :/

    I'm excited though, this is going to be my first major con, too! But I'm only going one day I think. On the bright side, Pittsburgh's Comicon is next month, so I'll be there, too.
  5. thorn696


    awesome looking build.
  6. SkullBoy13

    SkullBoy13 Member

    Seriously Jimmy...... this is what you did to me.....

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  7. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    You're too kind! But just wait till I post the full suit.

    On a related note. I'm going to try and post it tonight, but I have an online class, and I have to do that first. If I have enough time, I'll do a photo shoot, if not, the pics will be up for sure tomorrow.
  8. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Sorry the pics took this long guys. I've been busy with school, and I saw an opera last night (I'm a theater major, don't judge!)

    So, here is what you've all been waiting for, the completed armor:

    This one turned out fuzzy, but it was the best front picture, and I didn't want to put it all back on tonight.
    A good front pic, minus the helmet.
    And a back picture.

    Future plans
    Now, I know I'm calling this finished, and you may be asking, "But Jimmy, what about that backpack and gloves you promised.?" Well, the gloves are still on the drawing board, I just don't have time to get to them by tomorrow. The backpack is on hold right now. It warped a bit during the hardening stage, and I don't know how I want to go about finishing it yet. Plus, I have a lot of other things to worry about now. I'm calling it finished because the backpack is supplementary, and the gloves are minor.

    From here, the only other things I may add are small details, such as "UNSC" on a few places, and misc details. The gloves are my only big concern. Any updates will still be here, but do not expect anything.

    Finally, I am going to a con this weekend. I will add some for pictures of the finished armor in action.

    I hope you guys like. Thanks for following me!

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  9. spartan005

    spartan005 Well-Known Member

    looks damn good man..... really damn good.....
  10. Road Kill

    Road Kill

    dang man you really do look like an ODST
  11. thorn696


    The full head to toe shot is killer. Great looking build.
  12. Katsu


    Awesome work man! I love the paintjob and the armor is all badass.
  13. Sgt Forge

    Sgt Forge Member

    The armor is amazing man, I just had to come comment on it here when i saw it on DeviantART
  14. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Thanks everyone! I didn't take any pictures myself, but I'm getting someone to send me some pictures from the con, so they'll be up in a few days.
  15. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose


    Now, you may be asking, "Jimmy, didn't you say you were done with this project?"
    To which I reply, "Yes. But I am never happy with my work, so no, I'm not done."

    It's true, I'm never truly happy with my work, and at some point, I will just draw the line and stop working, but that hasn't happened yet.

    So, there was one thing I did not like about my armor, and that was the visor. It looked good, the shape was perfect, and the color was right, but you could see my face inside my helmet. I knew you could, but I wasn't sure how clear it was, but I have one picture from the con that really shows it off.

    My face is completely visible, which ruins the appeal of the helmet, so I decided to redo it,

    I followed Redshirt's tutorial for painting your own visor. It works really well, and many thanks to Redshirt for posting it.

    First I painted the aluminum buff:

    Then the blue layer.

    I took the last picture with the flash on just so it could be compared to the original above. Over all, it really helps to hide my face, and I can see really well out of it. Plus, the last visor on it has a few permanent marks on it, so it was really hard to see out of.

    I was really tempted to leave it the silver, because the contrast looks really amazing, but the blue is a little more game accurate, so I had to choose it. Also, it really worked in my favor because I didn't have to airbrush the blue on. I still had some left over transparent blue spray, which goes on a little smoother so no clear coat was required.

    Again, I thank Redshirt for the tut.
    I want to do a photo shoot in the next week or two, so I will get some good action shots up. I also want to do a video update at the same time.
    I still don't know if I'm doing the backpack, so don't get your hopes up!
  16. Scar 405

    Scar 405 Member

    Finally another badass to invite to the group XD great job bro to be honest im kinda jealous
  17. thorn696


    The new visor Looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing how the photo shoot go's
  18. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Thanks man, I'm gonna see if I can get my girlfriend over this weekend for the photo shoot.
  19. Road Kill

    Road Kill

    wow great job man =D that looks great and love the helmet :)
  20. 7th Brig Walker

    7th Brig Walker Jr Member

    Love the armor, but I am curious how you got the Camo pattern on the thighs so nice in my opinion.
  21. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Its really easy. Just spray paint the piece of armor the color you want the spots to be, then cut painter's tape in random, organic shapes and place them on the armor. Then spray over the armor with the secondary color, and let dry. Then remove the tape and enjoy! If you are really ambitious, you could make even more spots and add a third color.
  22. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Okay guys, a small update!

    I have been promising a photo shoot for a few weeks now, but I've been busy with my finals. However, tomorrow is Pittsburgh Comicon, and I will be there, so I'm gonna get a bunch of picture.

    To go with my armor, I decided I wanted a prop, so I when ahead and painted my AR.

    Now, I am not happy with this. It warped when I hardened it months ago, thats why I havent worked on it. I would require a lot of work to look right, so I'm only using it as a temporary prop. Since i did this on such short notice, I didn't get around to finishing the magazine. I may put the numbers on the display and have it read "00".

    On a side note. I placed a bid on a plasma rifle on ebay yesterday, and... *dramatic pause*... I lost! Oh well, such is life.

    Expect finished armor pics by tomorrow night, or Sunday.
  23. Macattack64


    That ODST looks damn good. I love the way you redid the visor. My only criticism would be to maybe add some padding under the shoulders. That way it maybe bulks it up a slight bit. Other than that it looks superb!
  24. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Thanks man. I was actually thinking about adding padding or something. I'm just so tall and skinny, so my lack of muscle shows in my arms.
  25. BiffyBob

    BiffyBob Jr Member

    Jimmy your build is phenomenal! I stumbled upon it while scouring the forums (prior to being a member) to see if anybody had done a Kirrou and Hugh mix. Low and behold your thread! I found it a couple months ago and finally created an account. i currently still have to pep the thighs and forearms and core chest because of college. Id like to thank you for keeping me inspired with your build it has helped a lot to see such a masterpiece come together! Hopefully youll have another Hell Jumper with you in the next couple months! Thanks a lot -BiffyBob

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