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Hey look, another ODST. (WIP) (Pic heavy)

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Jimmy Da Moose, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. ZMX

    ZMX New Member

    Armor on stand = epic win (and sweet, sweet decoration)

    Question time (and I may have missed that part in your 30-pages-of-awesome-thread) : how did you make your stand?

    and lastly...

  2. Road Kill

    Road Kill

    i really want that gun man!!! btw the backpack looks great so far :D
  3. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Thanks guys!

    ZMX- I didn't post the stand build. The frame is made from PVC pipe and is based off my own dimensions, then I made a duct tape mannequin for over top of it. There is a tutorial somewhere on here to make your own, and if you can't find it, there are a few more on the internet somewhere.
  4. ZMX

    ZMX New Member

    Fan-tas-tic! Thanks a lot, Jimmy!
  5. The Death Angel

    The Death Angel

    I think one of the best ODST armor i've seen.
    Where have you buy the plasma rifle?
  6. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    The plasma rifle was made by Jasman Toys shortly after the release of Halo 3. The best place to get them right now is ebay. You can still buy them new on Amazon, but they're like $400, so its not worth it at all.

    Also, the only problem with mine is the vents don't always pop open when it over heats. I'm gonna see if I can fix it.
  7. MikyVengeance


    I can't believe I haven't seen this before! Looks fantastic :)
  8. ZMX

    ZMX New Member

    Hell, Jimmy's awesome ODST build is responsible in part for making go back to the workbench and start working on my own ODST ! Awesome work is inspiring work!
  9. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    You guys are too kind! And honestly, hearing my work is that good and inspiring to others, inspires me to keep working to make my work the best I can make it.
  10. Road Kill

    Road Kill

    no prob man, it is really cool to see how your work will turn out =D encouraging
    keep up your good work :)
  11. playdohlord

    playdohlord Member

    that zombie odst would be downright frightening to encounter in a game...that little bit of face you can see behind the hole in the visor is absolutely haunting.
  12. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Glad you like my undead self. I actually got to wear it again a few weeks ago. There was a small zombie walk in the Monroeville mall, where Dawn of the Dead was filmed. They used to do the zombiefest there, but the mall complained about it. But they managed to do it again this year.

    Here's a picture:
  13. SkullBoy13

    SkullBoy13 Member

    It has been a while since I last visited this thread, and I can say a lot has upgraded :D great job!
  14. ZMX

    ZMX New Member

    Now THAT'S one zombie I hope to outrun !

    By the way...hope you didn't tear your undersuit for the cause :O (see left knee joint)
  15. FlusherCape26


    Nice armor ODST is the best choice in my book also I'm sure most of you get this question a lot but. I was wondering if anyone knows a place that i could get some pepakura files besides halo wikia because there files are limited to certain armors and weapons only the files I couldn't get are get are ODST shin, foot, and backpack. if someone could help me out id really appreciate it. if you can help me out just email me it saves time thank you :)
  16. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    First, be careful posting in a thread that you didn't start and has been posted in for a few days or more, its considered nercro posting and its generally frowned on. I do still post in here when I finish new stuff, so it isn't a big problem this time.

    As for the files.
    Here is the link to Hugh Holder's ODST files. Hugh has one of the best complete sets around. Its a complete set and its all fairly simple to assemble. If you want the HD gauntlets like I used, then search for "Kirrou" and look for his ODST thread.

    Hope this helps. Next time, if you have a question for an old thread, try PMing the OP.
  17. SquishyShoes


    If you don't mind me posting as well Jimmy, people have been sending everyone looking for pep files to the 405th database 405th.4shared.com of late. It has Hugh's, Kirrou's, SKG Crew's (I believe, off the top of my head) and a few others.
  18. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    I don't mind at all Squishy, thanks for the link! I'll make sure to send people here as well.
  19. SquishyShoes


    Cool man, just thought I'd add it.
    On a side note, how's the backpack coming along?
  20. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Not too bad, hopefully I'll have it finished by the end of the month. Its just some smoothing to do. I've just been really busy the past few weeks. My prop shop called and asked my to start working again two weeks ago. Then this past week I lost my bestfriend, so I've been dealing with that and its made it a bit harder to focus on things.
  21. ZMX

    ZMX New Member

    Sorry for your loss, Jimmy. Hold on tight!
  22. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about it too, man. My condolences for what they are worth. I know it's tough. I've lost a lot of my friends in combat and know. Just hang in there.

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