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Hey look, another ODST. (WIP) (Pic heavy)

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Jimmy Da Moose, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Glad to hear I helped inspire you! Honestly, hearing people like my work that much keeps me inspired to make more stuff. So thank you!

    My best advice to you is to take your time. I just finished my first year of college, so I know how difficult it can be to find time to work. That's one of the bigger reasons it took me so long to do the gauntlets (that, and they were the most difficult). If you don't feel like working, then don't, because that's often when you get careless and make mistakes. Finally, don't rush piece just to see it finished. I spent like a month on my helmet trying to get it just right.

    Good luck, and glad to see another ODST!

    While I'm here, I guess I'll give an update!

    I know I promised pictures form Pittsburgh Comicon... but I forgot my camera because I was in a rush to leave my house. Sorry guys. My girlfriend is suppose to be over this weekend or next to help me make a mannequin (finally) so I'll see if she wants to do a photo shoot (finally).

    As for the backpack: I still want one, but it's fairly low on my build list right now. I have it printed (again), but since its not a piece of the main armor, I'm in no rush to get it done because I really want to start another project. I'm still working on a good glove pattern also.

    As for the Captain shield: Since I'm finished with college for the summer, I finally have time to work on it. It really should take too much longer, so expect updates in that thread in like a week.

    Finally my next big project. It's going to be a scratch build. It's in its planning stages right now, which means I'm gathering references, then I need to to measurement and such. But I can assure you I will be awesome. All I will say for now, is when it is done, I will have a neat gun.
  2. BiffyBob

    BiffyBob Jr Member

    I just remembered a very important question haha! how did you end up keeping the knees and shins on?
  3. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    My knees are attached directly to the shins. There is a strap that runs from the back of the shin to the inside of the thigh, and there is a clip in the middle to remove it. That strap has come undone a few times at cons, but the shin is normally fine as long as it can rest on your boot.
  4. BiffyBob

    BiffyBob Jr Member

    Alrighty thanks a lot Jimmy!
  5. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Guess what! I lied, I'm still making pieces for my armor!

    I decided I wanted Hugh's bicep plates for my armor, since my arms are skinny and weak. So here they are:

    These took all of about two days from start to finish.

    Honestly, I'm almost done with this suit. The only big thing left is the backpack. I'm giving it one final attempt, and if it fails then my helljumper isn't getting a backpack. Aside from that, its little detail work, and that doesn't take much.
  6. spartan 10745

    spartan 10745 New Member

    Looks good!
  7. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    Awesome work man. Look is phenomenal and you definitely are ODST! :cool Especially the new visor.
    When you get your new pics up, could you take a pic from the inside of the helmet looking out in lit and dark conditions?
    I was thinking about using redshirt's tut when I make my armor after I'm done with my son's, but was wondering about the clarity of it based on the pic he had in his tut.

    Again, looks great man. Keep it up!!!!
  8. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    I'll post some pics for you tonight, but the you can see surprisingly well. Redshirt's tut is really good, I recommend having a spare visor or a similar piece of plastic to practice on first. Also, if you are doing the same color as I am, you can get a can of Testor's transparent blue, and spray it on. It comes out smoother and doesn't need a clear coat over, though you may still want one.
  9. Aster Tea

    Aster Tea Jr Member

    Your build is truly motivating me to keep working on mine! I keep coming back to look at your pictures. :)

    I was wondering if your helmet was kinda back heavy? When I slip mine on, it tends to slide back so the chin part is where my nose is. ):
  10. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Aster Tea- Thank you, it motivates me as well to here my work is inspirational! My helmet is fairly well balanced, but that's probably because there is an even and somewhat thick layer of bondo on the top of the helmet. I used a lot of bondo on the entire helmet since it has a lot of angled faces.

    I took a look at your build as well, and it looks like your helmets are coming along very well. I think your problem right now is that you don't have any padding. Without the padding the helmet will roll on your head. If you want, you can cut the padding now to ensure that is the problem.

    Also, I don't know if anyone has ever mentioned this to you, but it will save you some trouble with other builds later one. If you have a file, like Kirrou's, which is very angular, but it needs to be a smooth final product, like the ODST helmet, you can edit that in pep designer before you print. If you go to "Settings" -> "Other Settings" Then in the box next to "Threshold" change the number to something between 150-160 degrees, it will smooth out a lot of unnecessary folds. I mention this because it took me my entire suit to find out, and it would have save a good bit of time and bondo.

    Spartan_127 - Sorry I haven't posted the pictures yet, I've been a bit busy recently. I'll try and get them up when I get home tonight.
  11. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    No problem. . . . I've been away for a few days taking a break. Got back on the horse today so hopefully I can have some pics in mine later on too. LOL
  12. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Here are the pics I promised.

    The first picture is in average light, the second is in really dim light. You can actually see a little better than this, but my camera kept trying to focus on the visor itself. I hope these helped!
  13. Aster Tea

    Aster Tea Jr Member

    Thanks so much for the help! I'll look around for some foam padding at Walmart tomorrow! :D

    Ahhhh, I wish I knew about that threshold tip before I started the helmets. x___x Everything looks so smooth on the pep designer after changing it. I'll have to remember this the next time I do something that needs more smoothing. That is a very valuable tip.
  14. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    No problem! I figured I'd lend a bit of very useful advice, especially considering its not a well known tip.
  15. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    Definitely helps. Thanks a bunch!
  16. drizzetsrevenge

    drizzetsrevenge Jr Member

    freakin beautiful, man. once i have the means, i will get my own rookie suit made. i have been planning on an ODST build since i joined, but the lack of time and money has kept me from it.
  17. Psquiddy

    Psquiddy Member

    I've been asking everyone who has finished an ODST suit what they would suggest using to finalize the armor. I'm doing the Flamethrower Insurgent from Red Vs Blue, and I was wondering if I should invest in a Vaccu-form Machine or just resin, bondo, and sand my way into the suit.
  18. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Spartan- No problem man, happy to help.

    drizzets- Thanks! I know how it is man, but definitely start small. Try any of the plates around the belt and stomach, they are really easy and great starter pieces. Plus, you can pep a bunch of them before even having to worry about resin.

    Finally, a small update! I just resined my new backpack. I will post pics Monday if it turns out well. If this one fails, then no backpack!

    Edit: Sorry Psquiddy, I was typing my response when you posted. Anyway, I suggest you just sand and bondo everything. That's all I did, and unless you plan on reproducing your suit over and over, there is no need to build yourself a vacuum former. The only thing I may suggest is building a small vac-former if you want to make your own visor. They are super simple to make.
  19. Psquiddy

    Psquiddy Member

    Thanks Man. With the visor.... I guess you just cut out the visor from the helmet, bondo it, then vaccu-form it eh? Also it's going to be Confusing-As-Fudge to see out of a red visor with white teeth lol
  20. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    That's about right. Just make sure to sand it as smooth as possible, and I really stress that, because any imperfection can show up with a vac-formed model. I have been thinking of making a video tut for proper visor mold making because a lot of people ask, and i gets to be a lot to explain in text.
  21. Spartan_127

    Spartan_127 Well-Known Member

    That video would be awesome. Not only could you do the ODST visor with it, but you'd be able to use it for other visor applications too. Like Emile and if you're someone like me. . . . a custom Noble 6 visor with all the cut outs in it to make it have a double layered look.
  22. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Alright, I can make the video in the next couple of days. I'll post it here when I do.
  23. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Thirty pages and I still haven't stopped!


    This is backpack 3.0. The straps and handles aren't resined because I wanted to make sure I would be able to properly mount the pack to my armor before I put finished the details.

    Hope you guys enjoy. This will be my last major piece of ODST.
  24. onmi shift

    onmi shift Member

    you should hindge the top center piece so it opens and you can actually use it like a backpack. carry your extra stuff around
  25. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Some little updates everyone!

    I divided the backpack into three parts: the main body, the straps, and the handles.

    I started with the straps. The handles are partly smoothed right now. They won't take much, but there was a hole in one of them, so I needed to fix it before I could do more. The main body has been party covered in rondo, but I haven't done any real smoothing to it yet.

    And finally:

    Got my hands on one of these! It came in the mail Monday morning. I know its kinda cheating that I didn't put work into making it, But I've been wanting one for a long time and I finally had the means to get it.

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