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The halo outpost discovery website has some very good Information, but a bit of it is also confusing and I figured this would be a good spot to ask questions for those that have been to HOD. - I have repainted two boomco halo weapons, the pistol and the assault rifle. The website says all weapons need orange tips on them but I have seen pictures of people in cosplay wielding weapons with NO Orange tips. Can someone please clarify this for me? What’s the dealio
It's in the US so orange barrel plugs/tape that are an inch long and visible is the rule to follow. In Outpost Philadelphia there's a few of us that have extra tape and covers to make sure everyone is good and safe. I think the only prop I haven't seen with orange plugs is the SPNKr.
It is much better to be safe, than sorry. Even though you have seen pictures of people without orange tips on their weapons, at Orlando, HOD's own official Prop FAQ states that they have to have them. The rules are written down by HOD, but they implemented by people on the fly who are employees of the Convention Center, not HOD. While I'm sure that every effort is made to be consistent, it is impossible for there not to be some differences, like you seeing people who made it in without orange tips, but just because some Security Staff let them in at Orlando, does not mean the Staff at the Philly, Chicago, Houston, or Anaheim convention centers will behave the same way.

Put an orange tip on your prop.
Yeah, you'll want an orange tip. I plan on bringing my bright orange duct tape to HOD Chicago incase anyone forgot to tip theirs.
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Guys thanks for replying, I looked and didn’t find any threads relating to questions like this so mods can delete if they need to. However if someone can direct me to that thread I can add some information, today was my first day and It was an absolute blast.
Here is the previous thread about weapon prop at Outpost Discovery:

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