How did you find us?


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Well i seemed to stumble on this website on accident. i googled "how to make halo armor" and i shortly found this site. when i saw all the instructions on how to build armor and how easy it really was it got me to want to join this forum and see what i could learn and possibly teach someone.


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I was looking around on and had been a fan of halo wanting to make some armor. So I looked it up and found a very well made video by indy mogul on how to make the paper craft version of the armor. (I am now a huge fan of Indy Mogul but that's another topic) I soon found the 405th and got to making my armor right away.


I also came here from indy mogul. I was wasting time at work and ran across it. Since I like working with my hands and making things, I figured I'd check out 405th, and now here I am.


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lol my story is like Sorkzilla's. i forget where exactly i fist saw halo armor, but i soon was on a hunt for how to make it. i went on istrutables, and one of the instrucbles included a link to 405th.


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Doom said:
Hello to one and all! There has been LOADS of activity around these forums lately. Just the other day we broke our active users record with 791 active users at once! Our previous record was about 250 or so. My estimates are that of those 791 active users, about 700 of them were Guest's/Unregistered users.

Now with the publicity that we have been getting every few weeks, it gets quite hard to keep track of where people are coming from and what sites we are being put up on. If any of you guest's or newly registered users happen to see this Sticky, Please, just leave a link to the article or site that you found us from by making a post below. This allows us to see where everyone is being pointed from as we are somewhat clueless as to where we have been publicized otherwise.


i was watching indy mogul when they came out with the halo armor ep. and i thought it was awsome and signed up to make my own armor.
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I was watching youtube at one point. <acronym title='Backyard Effects'>BFX</acronym> (i think is what i was watching) and there was a video on halo armor i was then sent to this page by the gal that was showing viewers how to make it and told to READ. And so i READ! and have since fallen in love with this forum....... o_O .
I wanted to make the armor since halo 2 came out. I did not know that people had actually done it. About a year ago I just googled how to make it. I just now joined since I just now finished my helm.


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Indymogul. I ever so enjoyed that. Instructables is a great resource for all sorts of projects.
Glad i joined such an awesome community.


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It's all moonwildflower and kataroo's fault.

I'm friends with them IRL and was talking about doing a Half-Life cosplay and they pointed me here, as well as gloated about their spiffy Mjolnir sets.


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I saw Skullcandy Girl on IndyMogul explain to me that I can just slap some resin and paint on origami-ish models and I had an epiphany. Haha. I was supposed to be researching species of ephemeroptera in middle Tennessee. I don't know how it came up. :p

PS: That video seems to have drummed up a very significant part of 405th membership. I hope you site staff sent him a Thank-you card?


IndyMogul and Instructables were from where I came across 405th.
I also came across 405th while searching for pep files, but never really looked around the website as much. But, when I noticed it was being mentioned in a lot of the instructables, I made sure to sign up and check it out!


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Looking on you tube on making props, molds and such and eventually came across Adams assault rifle tutorial that sent me here. Good thing to because the info so far has helped me get things done right so far with my "reaver"


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I was googling "Make Halo Armor" and found the site a few months ago, after many moons of lurking i tried to join but missed my chance. But now I was able to join and have a new opportunity to help out whenever possible (well i hope to at least lol!)
XBOX Live.

Playing one night with a new friend, he says "My brother made his own suit and wore it to the release of te new Halo"

I went and checked out the YouTube video.

This kids work was shotty, but I knew what I must do.

So here I am, a member for almost 2 years, and on my way as I really just started about 2 weeks ago.



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i was bored and went on and for some reason, there was a link on how to make armor when i was looking at how to mod nerf guns lol


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May the Gods bless G4 because this is how I found you. I saw a great bit on making the armor and you were the first site that came up when I searched. I have been reviewing the information on the site for a while now trying to decide if I wanted to get into this and I have decided that I do.

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I've known about this site for like 3 years but I didn't have time.

But how I found it, hmm let me think.

Oh yes. I googled "custom master chief armor" and found Adam's site "" and then in the Mjolnir armor links clicked "Mjolnir Forums".