how to EVA foam??


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Hey everyone, I am brand new to the 405th and to cosplay as a whole and decided to hit the ground running by building a full suit of Emile's armor from Halo: reach.
I am 3d printing the helmet and have no problems there, but I have no idea how to even start with EVA foam. I have watched tutorials on youtube, but to no avail as it seems my technical prowess falls short when working with soft squishy things. Are there any tips to making my journey down this rabbit hole any less painful?
Also I have looked around the armory page but have yet to find a full set of patterns for complete mjolnir Mark V armor.

Thanks for any and all help!


405th Regiment Officer
Hi SonOfTheGun, welcome to the 405th! There's a lot of resources out there on foam smithing. In the Tutorials section there's a guide on working with EVA foam, and one of the contributers, RandomRanger, has his own Youtube series on making a Reach Spartan out of foam.

Some other good Youtube channels to get into foam smithing would be Punished Props, Evil Ted Smith and Kamui Cosplay. And of course, plenty of us here can answer your questions when they arise.
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