I'm Attempting A World Record


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After thinking on it for a while I have decided to take on a Guinness World Record. The record I will be going for will be the Longest Time Spent Riding A Rollercoaster. I will be doing the record at the Six Flags in Texas in March if my application gets to the next step in the application process. This is just what I got back from GWR. I'll also be looking for sponsorship soon after it gets approved and collect funds from peopel intrested in helping me break this record with the names of people that help me with sponsorship on the front of a t-shirt I will wear on the coaster that way names can be seen on the front of the shirt while I ride it, this is'nt 100% yet but I hope it does make it to the next step of approval in 4-6 weeks.



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Wow!!! Good luck and try not to blow chunks...too much :)
I actually had a fear of Roller Coasters until me and my family went to Branson and I rode the Roller Coasters at Silver Dollar City I stayed on one of them for 6 hours with no problem at all. Given they had some rule where I had to get off walk around and get back on each time but when our family went there was pretty much nobody at the park so I did'nt have to wait long.


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After thinking on it for a while I have decided to take on a Guinness World Record. The record I will be going for will be the Longest Time Spent Riding A Rollercoaster.
Uh. Isn't the current record something like... 3 days? I'm getting sick even thinking about it.


My personal record is 26 minutes

So all seriousness I wish you the best of luck my personal record is 26 minutes!! This summer I was at the local fair with my kids on a small roller coaster like ride and the operator walked away and never came back:confused It was cool at first but when the five minute ride turned into a 10 minute ride:D it really started losing any factor of fun associated with it after 15Minutes:(At the 20 minute mark the kid in front of us started screaming for it to stop and only after half a dozen kids started screaming for several minutes someone finally showed up and shut the ride down at the 26 minute mark:angryThe fair manager profusely apologized for the incident and gave everyone a pass for unlimited rides:eek LOL my only thought was WTF free rides ??? so you can trap us our next ride for an hour :p


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I have none except while riding to be listening to everything from Rammstein to Disturbed to Dethklok to really get the most out of it while riding.
Those are three of the 4 number one bands for me EVAR!!!

1. The Beatles
2. Dethklok
3. Rammstien
4. Disturbed


Good luck!!


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Maybe we also can support you buy sending you a 405th "puke helmet". You can have it on with in-buildt puke bagsXD Then we can all so what you had for dinner afterwards:p

Great idea nintendude! I can't wait to see what you pull it off:D!


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And here we go. I'll be attempting this at one of two places Six Flags Over Texas or Universal Studios Orlando. Plans are being made by me at the moment to get in touch with the two parks for this event to happen in March and this is the most recent letter I got from GWR.
Claim ID: 326283
Membership Number: 287194

Dear Mr John Wieger,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding your intention to attempt the record for 'Longest marathon on a roller coaster'.

The current record (current as at the date of this letter) is:
Richard Rodriguez (USA) rode the Pepsi Max Big One and Big Dipper roller coasters at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, UK for 405 hr 40 min from 27 July to 13 August 2007.

You may wish to check with us again closer to submitting your full claim to be sure that a new record has not been set in the interim.

Please note that any current record information is provided to you to the best of Guinness World Records knowledge and belief as at the date of this letter and is based on the record information currently logged on the Guinness World Records database. This current record may change at any time due to a new record being approved. You are responsible for keeping yourself up to date with any new records as Guinness World Records will not inform you of any change to the current record.

We have attached specific Guidelines for this record category which detail the requirements you must follow to make your record attempt. You should ensure that all those participating and those witnessing the attempt are aware of the contents of these Guidelines. We would also draw your attention to the specific authentication we require when you come to make your claim for this particular category. This is in addition to the general authentication requirements as detailed in the Record Breakers Pack also included with this email.

These Guidelines will be appropriate for achieving a Guinness World Record as at the date of this letter. However, please be aware that as and when required, the Guidelines may be updated by us from time to time and without further notice to you.

Using the Guinness World Records ™ or logo is a great way to help promote your attempt. If you are interested in using our logo and trademarks during your record event, please log in the website, select the appropriate claim number and click on ‘Use our logo’.

Once the record has been attempted and you have compiled your claim and completed the Agreement Regarding Supporting Materials which you will find in the attachment, all the information should be sent to us here at:

3rd Floor
184-192 Drummond Street
London NW1 3HP
Please ensure that your Claim ID (above) is clearly marked on your package and all documentation.

It is possible to hire an adjudicator to verify your record attempt on site. If you want to request the attendance of an official World Record representative, please log in the website, select the appropriate claim number and click on ‘Request an adjudicator’.

If you should require any further information, do not reply to this email, but please visit and log into our website, select the appropriate claim number and then click on ‘Make an Enquiry’. We will only be able to reply to enquiries regarding any of your pending claims, so if you want to enquire about a new record, please make another application. Please be aware that all tracking information about your claim is updated every 24 hours. Now that you have received our specific guidelines and Record Breakers’ Pack you can proceed with the preparations for your event and then with the record attempt itself.

We hope the attempt goes well and look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Dougal Mclachlan
Guinness World Records


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Ha that's one of the things that are needed for the event, I also need to get a newspaper person or News person to be a witness to the event and have constant video of the event.So I have a ton of people to talk to and I'm currently on the phone with Six Flags Over TX.