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Name: Robin H.
Profession: mechanical / repair engineer
Age: 28
Favorite Hobby: Gaming / Driving / Making stuff
Favorite part of halo: Just can't single anything out. it was all pure Awesomeness!
Favorite Halo: Halo 3, Reach, Halo 2, O.D.S.T. n Halo 1 together. in that order
Favorite Video Game: Right now Dead rising 2 but that will change by next week
Other Interests: rock n Metal music. festivals. jager + monster.
Favorite Food: to many to add in this space
Favorite Band: currently Rammstine, NIN, again that may all change by next week.
Favorite Movie(s): currently Scott Pilgrim Vs the world!!!

so much awesomeness and not enough time to build it all!


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Name:Wes S
Profession: College student
Age: 19
Favorite Hobby: Online Gaming
Favorite part of halo: Multi player
Favorite Halo: Halo 3, Reach
Favorite Video Game: Jak and Daxter series
Other Interests: Swimming
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
Reason for joining: This community and what it does is awesome and maybe I could learn a new hobby


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hi! :)

Name: Celia..but a lot of my friends call me beans.
Prof: dont have one im just in school
Favorite hobby: playing soccer.
Favorite part of Halo: rolling all those gas tank things in one area and blowing them up to see how far i
Favorite Halo:3
Favorite video game: Mortal kombat
Other interests: mostly just sports
Favorite Food: ...tacos?
Favorite movie: mostly anything with will ferrell

Sgt Platypus

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Name- Ben
Age- 15 (literally a few days till 16)
Favorite Halo: ODST!
Favorite part of Halo: Kick Brute Ass! I hate those damn gorrilas in suits!
Favorite Videogame: Halo: ODST
Other Interests: Track, football.
Favotite Finisher: Knowing that you seriously owned sum nubs on multi


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Name: Erik Powers
Profession: Auto parts sales for a Subaru Dealer (I play with car parts
Age: 30
Favorite Hobby: Art and cars (Why choose one?)
Favorite part of halo: It's just fun and amazingly deep for a FPS
Favorite Halo: 1 (it's the one I've played the most)
Favorite Video Game: Metal Gear Solid series
Other Interests: Cars, racing, pixel based art,
Favorite Food: Chicken Lasagna (it's not really lasagna, more like a spicy chicken casserole. my family is from the south, don't ask about the name)
Favorite Finisher: Solid Snake in CQC
Favorite Band: Metallica
Other: I am the Stig...

Agent 13

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Name: Manning
Profession: none at the moment, just school
Age: 17
Favorite hobby: video games, airsoft/paintball
Favorite part of Halo: The nonstop action and the combination of squad mentality and lone-wolf play inherent in the Halo games
Favorite Halo: Reach
Favorite Video Game: Halo series
Other interests: hanging out w/ friends, bowling, facebooking, computer games
Favorite Food:, maybe? That or sandwiches.


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Name: Cesar R.
Profession: Going to school and work at a liquor store.
Age: 26
Favorite Hobby: Video Games, music, movies, and cars
Favorite part of halo: All of it
Favorite Halo: All of them
Favorite Video Game: Halo series, COD series, Ao2
Other Interests: I LOVE music and playing instruments and im really into airsoft/paintball
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Band: Slipknot
Favorite Movie(s): Full Metal Jacket, Boondock Saints, The Lost Boys, Iron man, and The Dark Knight

King Ramna

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Hello, King Ramna is here. I am very glad I stumbled upon this site. I was litterally looking at motorcycle helmet reviews on Youtube when I saw a video of a 405th forum member showing off his spartan motorcycle helmet. I am totally into moding and DO It Yourself Projects so I will definitely have fun at this site. I am really looking forward to making a spartan helmet. See you around!

Name: Mario
Profession: military veteran going to school
Age: 25
Favorite Hobby: cars & electronics
Favorite part of halo: The color scheme
Favorite Halo: 2
Favorite Video Game: Halo
Other Interests: gym
Favorite Food: chili beans
Favorite Finisher: ?
Favorite Band: kanye west
Favorite Movie(s): Pandorum, AI
Other: I ran my 4th marathin in the spring of 2010


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Name: Ash Lloyd
Location: Gold Coast, AUS
Age: 22
Profession: Athlete
Favorite Hobby: Sailing, Camping and Surf Life Saving.
Favorite part of halo: The aggression it brings out in my otherwise placid friends!
Favorite Halo: 3
Favorite Video Game: Starcraft, or the Hitman franchise
Other Interests: TOPGEAR! cycling, running, cuddles and water sports in general.
Favorite Food: Shredded duck spring rolls!
Favorite Finisher: ??
Favorite Band: Linkin Park, and Armen Van buuren
Other: I plan to make a Carbon Fiber Mark VI


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Name: Claire.A.
Profession: PC Tech.
Age: It's rude to ask :p Probably old enough to be ur mom but young enough to date your friends lol
Favorite Hobby: Writing as I'm very imaginative.
Favorite part of halo: All of it
Favorite Halo: All of them
Favorite Video Game: Halo series, CnC, DOW
Other Interests: Reading, Writing, Video Games, music, movies and being creative.
Favorite Food: Spagetti Bolognese
Favorite Band: Prodigy
Favorite Movie(s): Bridget Jones Diary, Along came a spider, Harry Potter and more too many to list.

Going to be working on a Space Marine Terminator power suit, recently found a detailed 3D model and have begun breaking it down so I can work on it in Pepakura. So fare I've unfolded the left inner and outer shoulder pads. Might continue with the left arm before moving on but might do the helmet instead as it looks awesome.

Maverick d day

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Name: Eric
Profession: Electronics tech in the navy
Age: 29
Favorite Hobby: making things(I do leather and chainmail armor and work on guns to)
Favorite part of halo: The Story
Favorite Halo: Hard to say they are all so much fun.
Favorite Video Game: Halo series
Other: My yongest brother actually got me into the idea of making some halo armour, with my intrest in making models and building things over the years we tought this would be fun to try.


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long time lurker, finally decided to take the on the noob status

Name: Matthew Pipgras
Profession: Full time college student, father
Age: 26
Favorite Hobby: does playing with kids count? if not xbox
Favorite part of halo: the community
Favorite Halo: 3>reach(will probably become first soon)>2>odst>1>wars
Favorite Video Game: Halo 3
Other Interests: college sports, portland trailblazers
Favorite Food: pasta
Favorite Finisher: I havent watched wrestling in over 10 years. torture rack or scorpion death drop
Favorite Band: everything
Favorite Movie(s): saving private ryan
Other: I have a lot more kids then i ever planned, Plan on being a teacher and would like to have something done in the next year

Dark Star

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Name: Id prefer not to give my real name on the actual internet, my deepest apologies.
Profession: High school student
Age: 16
Favorite Hobby: Sports?
Favorite part of halo: Sniping people, and on a more general level its the most enjoyable multiplayer FPS I've played
Favorite Halo: Definitely Halo 3
Favorite Video Game: Naruto Clash of Ninja series
Other Interests: Anime, cosplay, art, sports, anything ninja :p, and groundhog or deer hunting
Favorite Food: Chicago deep dish pizza
Favorite Finisher: Assassination, headshot, or mangekyou sharingan. Im flexible :p
Favorite Band: Skillet
Favorite Movie(s): The Princess Bride and Serenity
Other: Anyone here go to Tekkoshocon?


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Name: id rather not
Profession: none currently
Age: still rather not
Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Sports
Favorite Halo: reach or 1(cant beat the orginals)
Favorite Video Game: Halo or ld42/bioshock/sonic
Other Interests: guitar
Favorite Food: chicken
Favorite Finisher: ?
Favorite Band: acdc
Favorite Movie(s): predator(super nerdish i know)role models,any action or comedy i guess
Other: i had another account here that got hacked and was posted on without my consent so i had to make a new one.i only made an intro post rofl
Name: Scott Graves
Profession: Construction at our local water district. Coachella Valley Water District
Age: 25
Favorite Hobby: Between video games and paintball
Favorite Halo: Reach or ODST
Favorite Video Game: Chrono Trigger
Other Interests: Art and movies
Favorite Food: Pizza and bread sticks
Favorite Band: Daft Punk
Favorite Movies: Star Wars OG Trilogy, Tron, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Matrix's, any other sci fi/action.
Other: I'm excited to start tryin some of the cool stuff i've been readin about.


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Alright, before I get to the chain-mail everyone's posting I'd like to say thinks. I've been a memeber here for quite some time but never had the time/money to get into it.... Until about two weeks ago. Now my first pep'd helmet is sitting in the garage waiting for the first coat of fiberglass to dry.

Thanks for all the help. These forums have been great.

Name: Ben
Profession: Trophy/Sign Shop Employee
Age: 22
Favorite Hobby: My girlfriend, Games, and my Car (97 240sx)
Favorite Halo: All of them.... Except Halo Wars.
Favorite Video Game: Halo.
Other Interests: See Hobbies.
Favorite Food: Too much to list.
Favorite Finisher: Extermination medal. Rare, but great.
Favorite Band: Coheed.
Favorite Movie(s): Again, too many to list.


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Name: Jacob Dyer
Location: Copperas Cove TX
Age: 18
Profession: college student
Favorite Hobby: making anything
Favorite part of halo: sneaking up on sleeping grunts and hitting them with a gun
Favorite Halo: 1
Favorite Video Game: Thats a toughie...
Other Interests: celtic or irish rock music, video games, annoying my sister
Favorite Food: not seafood
Favorite Finisher: Wu-Shi Finger Hold (but i rip off the opponents whole hand instead)
Favorite Band: varies
Other: N/A


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Name: Gabe Scott
Location: Nashville, TN
Age: 15
Profession: High School Student
Favorite Hobby: Airsoft
Favorite part of halo: Multiplayer
Favorite Halo: 2
Favorite Video Game: Hard to say.
Other Interests: Bikes, cars, MMA, UFC.
Favorite Food: Japanese
Favorite Finisher:
Favorite Band: Lamb of God
Other: I used to be on this board, but my old account got deleted, I think, so I made a new account, some of you may remember me from a ways back.


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location:somewhere in the UK
profession: high school student
favourite hobby: rock-climbing
favourite part of halo: Johnson
favourite halo: halo reach
favourite video game: halo1
other interests: motocross,extreme sports, you-tube
favourite food: pizza
favourite band: at the moment Ben's brother
favourite movie: mmmmmmmnnn.... got to say James Cameron's Avatar all the way :)


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Alright guys, I'm making a full set of Mark VI armor for a showcase model for some future business that some friends and i might start. Anyway, just finished putting resin and fiberglass on it. Will be posting pics later I guess.
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