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name: Austin


favorite hobby: building halo armor

favorite part of halo:forge

favorite halo:Halo 3

favorite video game:Halo or GH [can't decide]

other interests:playing soccer

favorite food:mac and cheese

favorite band:Mettalica

favorite movie:Transformers


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Name: Fabrice

Profession: I work in aeronautic department.

Location: France

Age: 33

Favorite Hobby: Video Games and many computer related stuffs

Favorite part of halo: alas, I don't own any halo games, I like the design tho

Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy VI

Other Interests: I'm playing piano, especially like playing video games musics.

Favorite Food: whatever I bake

Favorite Band: Queen

Favorite Movie(s): Nausicaa of the valley of wind, Mononoke hyme

Other: I was introduced to papercraft by a very good friend co-worker and found the 405th web site while looking for pepakura models. As I also like cosplay but always gave up when seeing the amount of work involved (AKA mold making), and after seeing the paper tech wich look much more doable, I decided to give it a shot (a serious one).

My 1st attempt, was the low detail mkVI right foreharm, that I forgot to resize, of course it was too big.

My 2nd attempt is the high detail mkVI right foreharm, still WIP.


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Name: Adam Willingham

Profession: Music Student and Artist. Also, I work for my grandfather by fixing stuff in the oilfield (I'm mechanically inclined).

Age: 20

Favorite Hobby: Music, Singing, Bassist, Video Games, Reading, Writing

Favorite part of halo: The fact that ever since the first Halo:CE campaign was split screen co-op. Awesome nights with my bro.

Favorite Halo: 2

Favorite Video Game: Halo Series, Hitman Series, Cod Series, Chromehounds

Other Interests: Philosophy, and art in general. Anything great like photography, drawing, poetry. You name it, I like it.

Favorite Food: BBQ

Favorite Band: 30 Seconds to Mars

Favorite Movie(s): Enemy at the Gates, Valkyrie, and.....John Wayne Movies.

I'm excited to be here and excited to see what these forums could do to help me on my way to being able to walk around in public with in style. Also, just give myself and chance to improve my artistic craft.


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HI! :)

Name: Chris

Age: 15

Job: part time working at pool

Hobbies: MTG ( magic the gathering ), Warhammer (40k & FB )

Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Favote Food: Sushi ( yellow tail )

Sports: Tennis


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Hey, all!

I'm very excited to be a part of the 405th!

So here's some stuff about me:

Name: David Steinway

Profession: Student/lead guitarist.

Age: Pretty much 16

Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Playing guitar.

Favorite part of halo: In the first halo when you first meet the flood and watch the helmet cam. That scared the life outta me!

Favorite Halo: 1

Favorite Video Game: Halo or COD series

Other Interests: Chicks, Designing, taking stuff apart, Luthier work, et cetera...

Favorite Food: I have lots of favorites!

Favorite Finisher: A close up pistol assasination

Favorite Band: (Old) Guns N' Roses

Favorite Movie(s): Saving Private Ryan, The Blackboard Jungle

Other: I am in fact a ginger kid...

So that's pretty much all you need to know about me.

And if you want to know a bit more, read the "about me" section on my profile.
Name: Adam Anderson

Profession: Buffalo Wild Wings

Age: 16

Favorite Hobby: Video Games and tennis

Favorite part of halo: multiplayer

Favorite Halo: 2

Favorite Video Game: Halo or gears of war 2

Other Interests: airsoft, paintball, music, movies, cars

Favorite Food: chicken

Favorite Finisher:head shot with the sniper rifle

Favorite Band: Breaking benjamin

Favorite Movie(s): all fast and furious movies, step brothers, get smart


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Hi, My name is Max,

I'm 15, and i want to go 'BUSA!

i want to make a Hayabusa helmet, and some other permutations of the chest and shoulders. i have no experience, but i'm OK on budget. wish me luck!


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Name: Chris Hornbeck

Profession:Chef at universal studios orlando

Age: 22

Favorite Hobby: Games.Cooking swiming and model makeing.

Favorite part of halo: The ending of Halo 3.

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game:Halo 3. Halo wars. full spectrum warrior. Tekken

Other Interests: Traveling pep

Favorite Food: steak ( < true american)


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Name: Curt

Profession: I work at a gas station... yay! /sarcasm

Age: 23, last time I checked.

Favorite Hobby: Gaming, being a dad of 2 kids.

Favorite part of Halo: Accidental sticks.

Favorite Halo: Halo 3

Favorite Video Game: Legend of Zelda, OoT

Other Interests: music, computers, catching up on sleep.

Favorite Food: Shrimp.

Other: Hmm... I am sometimes sarcastic. (See above) and goofy, and like to make jokes. Due to tongue tripping on its self my jokes get garbled.


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Name: Matt

Age: 13

Hobbies: Paintball, Sports, Video games, etc.

Profession: School

Favorite things to do: Build stuff, play sports, video games, electronics, stuff like that.

I joined this community to give and receive advice from fellow members and give as much assistance as I can.

Look forward to meeting y'all.



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Name:Thomas Hickel

Age: 16 (about 9 days till im 17)

Favorite Hobby: play basketball and meet friends

Favorite Halo: All :)

Favorite Video Game: Halo, The Lord of the rings conquest

Other Interests:

Favorite Food: Pizza ,Döner <-- its german ^^

Favorite Band: i dont know ^^

Favorite Movie(s): The lord of the rings , starwars, transformers and so on ^^

ok some onther stuff :

i found 405th on youtube ...i saw the helmets and i fought OMG oO i wanna make a helmet too ^^ and now i build my first mark VI helmet :)

im from GERMANY :) sorry for my bad english but : i learning by doing ^^


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Here goes:

Name: Shawn Waggoner

Profession: Work at a Lowes and attend school

Age: 22

Favorite Hobby: Gaming

Favorite part of halo: Multiplayer

Favorite Halo:1

Favorite Video Game: IDK

Other Interests: Armor

Favorite Food: Good food

Favorite Finisher: Guiles ultra combo SFIV

Favorite Band: Tool

Favorite Movie(s): Any SciFi

Other: Cant wait to post my progress!

David Frick

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Name: Dave, aka OwnNemesis

Location: Greensburgh, Pennsylvania

Profession: fulltime College student, parttime worker

Age: 25

Favorite Hobby: x-box,Weight Lifting, Roller and Ice Hockey

Favorite part of halo: The Armor, and the story line is great.

Favorite Halo: All of them, they are all a piece of art

Favorite Video Game: HALO, NHL, and other random ones

Other Interests: Hockey(Pittsburgh Penguins), Playing Hockey,Comic Books, Playing Xbox, Weight Lifting, and Working with my Hands

Favorite Food: Hawaiian Pizza, Gyros


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Name: psh.... everyone knows me i think well if u dont my name Cory Smith

Profession: workin at bad boy buggies

Age: 16

Favorite Hobby: umm... i guess football and finnishing my odst helment

Favorite part of halo: the ending cause i was sitting there sayin its finally over ill never have to tbag the arbiter again

Favorite Halo: 3

Favorite Video Game: halo and cod

Other Interests: girls, football, umm... my truck and racing

Favorite Food: RAMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Band: Red, rise against, sick puppies, disturbed, pretty much everything

Favorite Movie(s): black hawk down, savin pvt. ryan, definace


Major Gun

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Name: Luke Gunzel

Profession: Random odd jobs

Age: 16

Favorite Hobby: Historical reenactments and MilSim Airsoft and Historical Airsoft

Favorite part of halo: The Story line and the Halo world

Favorite Halo: The Series

Favorite Video Game: N/A

Other Interests: Halo Costuming

Favorite Food: Sushi and the Mongolian Grill

Favorite Band: Hollywood Undead

Favorite Movie(s): Lots

Background- I have been collecting assorted military gear and equipment for over a year. I have been doing MilSim airsoft for about one year. I do mostly Vietnam events. I go to some modern events. I love both the Halo and Gears of War world. I am looking forward to meeting some great people on the forums and starting my first project. I will be starting to make Halo 1 Marine Armor in about 2 weeks. First I will be making a Pistol to ge myself oriented in how exactly to go about making the armour.


D HELLCustom

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My introduction

Name: Joris

Profession: DTP-er (Desk Top Publisher, I make magazines look good ;) )

Age: 33

Favorite Hobby: Video Games and Movies

Favorite Video Game: COD Modern Warfare

Other Interests: I LOVE music (metal), and going to concerts

Favorite Food: Thai

Favorite Band: Amon Amarth and many, many other metal bands

Favorite Movie(s): Saving private Ryan, Pirates of the Caribean, Enemy at the gates, National Treasure (1&2), and some more.

Other: I collect old video game systems.



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Hey troops of the 405th! Here's a little info about myself.

Name: Brandon Wriggle

Age: 19, I'll be 20 in about 2 months

Favorite Hobby: Gaming, working out, and sports.

Favorite thing about the Halo universe: I love the storyline beyond the games. I also love the communities that have formed because of Halo.

Favorite Halo: I gotta say I loved the campaign in Halo, but the multiplayer in Halo 3 has a pretty strong hold on me.

Favorite Video Game: The Halo series, Left 4 Dead, Crackdown, and CoD: WaW

Other Interests: I play piano, and I love hanging out with friends and working on projects with them.

Favorite Food: Super Spicy Buffalo Wings (not boneless, but the actual good kind)

Favorite Band: Blink 182, but there are a load of new bands that are actually pretty good that I like.

Favorite Movie(s): There are way too many to put down.

I wanted to join to get involved in the Halo community. This is the first one that I have actually joined, besides Xbox live. I hope to have a great experience, get involved, make armor and props, help out, and most of all, have fun.


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Name: Andy

Profession: Student (Theatrical Design Major)

Age: 18

Favorite hobby: Warhammer 40K

Favorite part of Halo: Story Depth

Favorite Halo: 2

Favorite video game: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Other Interests: Video Games, Cosplay, Making Music

Music of Choice: Hard Rock and Techno

Favorite food: Italian in general


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name: Danny.

Age: 15.

Favourite hobby: modelling.

Favourite part of halo: The storyline.

Favourite: Halo 3:ODST(soon to be).

Favourite Video Game: halo series, CoD WAW.

Other interests: Machinima, Gaming, This.

Favoutite movie: Impossible to choose.

Name; Josh

Age; 14

Proffesion; School

Hobbies; Prop making, Game playing, Parkour-ing, wrighting.

Gamertag; Shadow1336 (Don't have live right this moment)