Iron Man Mark 50 custom version


All together! IRON MAN END GAME!


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Foam is not as durable as i imagined! Took some battle damage at the party while playing with some kids haha

The flexipaint seems to peel off as well.. not sure why but thankfully the foam under is is undamaged. Gonna need to do some repairs and alterations to the suit, maybe reinforce parts of it somehow.


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I found out why the paint peeled. Flexipaint needs a pourus surface to bind to. Heat sealing stopped this. If anyone else uses flexipaint, dont heat seal the paintable side.
Interesting! Where did you find this out?


The creators of flexipaint. I sent them pictures of the damage and they said they had seem this effect before after heat sealing. If you dont heat seal it, you apparently need a belt samder to get the paint off! Alass its hard to un heat seal foam, effort wise it ne better off rebuilding...


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You have gone beyond the movie: your Ironman has pants! Looking good!

Maybe you can put on a metallic, reflective undercoating and flexpaint over it, so when the flexpaint peels off it looks metal underneath.


I tried sanding the foam but the flexipaint clogs it up fast. I think im gonna be peeling for a month or so at least!

It was a learning experience tho! Kids want some new foam weapons for battling with so ive got to make a Thors Hammer, Hulks Ragnarok Jammer, a big battleaxe and a sword. So ill have plenty of
Practice samdong foam!


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Kids refined their choices!

Ronans hammer
Thors hammer

Having to make the templates from watching the films too haha!
I made a Ronans hammer for my sister last Christmas. It was a very fun project (even though I finished spray-painting it in the dark Christmas eve) and I cant wait to see your finished results!