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Boy, I ought to smack you silly :D

But really, noobs will be noobs. And most of them want answers handed to them on a silver plater the second they sign up. So why not do just that? When they sign up they should be transfered to a page that has in HUGE RED LETTERS that says somethign like:

Dear Noob,

You MUST follow all rules and read ALL the Stickies before you do somethign stupid to get yourself in trouble with a Mod or an Admin. This is your first and final warning. Have a nice day!

<link to rules>
<link to stickies>

I have officially run out of ideas.
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I had an idea for people who make mistakes to post topics with pics and details of what went wrong there. They could all be gathered and put into a single subforum called armour mistakes or something like that and in there people could do replies saying how to help or just saying how funny it was without being asses about it!

Above is just copied and pasted from another post I did which caught the eye of another member (B&C) who suggested I make another topic about this. This would come under the creation discussion forum next to elite showcase, moulded armour, pepakura & cardboard armour etc

I think that it will help in showing noobs that at least once or twice somewhere down the line, something will go wrong!

I also said in the post I ripped the above from that I could be the first to add to it (I got the idea from this:) when I tried scaling for the first time ever using paper and cellotape pepakura it failed, badly! My result could probably only just fit through my arm rather than my head! I told the other guys in that thread that I may, if enough others ask, post pics of this mistake and write what went wrong and what I learned from it! Other people could reply to that by saying things like there are stickies for that (which I stupidly ignored thinking "scale to height button should be right, not a stupid equation!" or by just saying nicely done apart from the crappiness!

I don't know how many people would add to this idea immediately but I would appreciate if enough people add details of their past mistakes and such with or without pics here and hopefully a mod or someone with the power can let us trial this idea!

Tell me what you think of the idea too, I think its gonna help lotsa people out!

Thanks and I will have pics up onto this topic of my big mistake soon once I get pictures (piece is at my nans house for luls) so be patient please because it might be a few days before I get it!

Thanks again

SparTom007 said:
I had an idea for people who make mistakes to post topics with pics and details of what went wrong there...
Merged with the suggestion box thread, since it is a suggestion ;)
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hmm, i suppose this is the right place for this:

is there any way of changing the read and unread icons in the messages. i have trouble telling which ive read and which i havnt. i even missed one for a few days :(

also in the creation fourm is there any way of making the latest post in each secion (molded, pep etc.) visable on the main page. at the moment its the latest post out of all of the 5 different sections

heres a bad photoshop of what i mean:

That is a really good idea for the creations forum. My idea in for the quick guide in the noob forum is doing alright for the exception of some negative feedback. I fixed the text so it's easier to see now. Not sure if it will lead anywhere good now it's starting to fall behind the forums(page 3 in noob forums).
All Roll-call and local community sub-forum system. Should clear out all of the 'Roll-call' threads your seeing in the 405th Discussion.

Admittedly, it could be a potential threat, with all the predators on the site, but we could keep the locations vague.

Each State would get a thread, there would be a country thread for the US, and each of our outlying countries would get a thread.

So you would enter the forums and see:

United States Threads
New Zealand Thread
Australian Thread
Canadian Thread
<blockquote>-I don't know any others!</blockquote>
English Thread
German Thread

Under Countries w/ States/Provinces, there would be a thread for each state/province.

W/in each thread, there is your usual sign-off, and a listing of local events. Could help event turn out and marketing.
I think that could create mass confusion for the thread. We are to spread out to just create 1 state for one thread. Some members will have only 1 or 2 members in the same state. Although having local events near us would help organize events.
I dont really suport that last idea. It will confuse and split the 405th up too much I think. Plus I think this has been suggested before and I recall a responce saying that this wont happen till the Charter is approved? I may be completey wrong on that one though lol.

The 501st has somethign like this in their forums and I dont like it, Its split up into each state gets their own forums and it just seems dull... I dunno.
I think having the Per Country forums (liek the UK one) would be nice. And as the last discussion about it went, I still stand by my suggestions :]

I dont know how you can successfully divide the forums by language though... thats a tough cookie there...

Just look at the canadian roll call, the number of people from Quebec.

I do get PM by people from France who don't understand a word of the stickies...

EDIT : So, I started translating, and I should be finished by tonight (I'll do the Noobie index sticky thingy)
well i stoped reading replys really on page two. i agree with the ranking system heres what the guys at have done with their ranks and its really quite genious.

ranks are shown as below and are intermingled with post count and moderator or admin positions. forrunner are starts of the forum members, devout are helpers or moderators, gardians are admins and mods... yada yada yada....




and a donate

there is ways to make these ranks work! ive worked with IPB before its all the same as VBulletin except the fact that mods for VB are actually led by the company that makes the program and all IPB mods and hacks are community and not functional to make a good system happen then corruption usually do happen.

change the posted threads icon from

to the 405th logo kinda like the had done their logo

like those ideas great! as for the subforums and what not this is where we need to draw the line of figureing things out. all subforums as they are.. are fine! the language issue why not make a splash screen saying choose your language? well here is you main idea,

if english it will be

for spanish it would be


and so on and so forth. only select maybe 20 major languages and manage them if english spanis french are all we need for north america fine!

as for the reputation instead of posts... well heres the straight through answer. ipb nor vb use a reputation system that is really relyable to use as a good system. posts are the only way to go. the scale is 1-10 in reputation. if one person wants to ban you they just keep refreshing the page and adding bad reputation. no fix for it so that system fails just the the matchmakeing system in halo where you can hack the system and get a lvl 50 in team doubbles in the language setting portugese. so thats all i have to say. long rant but thats the skinny of it!

any coments or question pm me because i may not be online again for a while to answer rite away in this thread!

I don't think there should be any ranking system, post count, or anything like that. Keeping the "veteran member" line is good, but that's as far as I'd go. You are not your post count.
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