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Jerome 092 foam armor

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Cactus117, May 21, 2018.

  1. Cactus117

    Cactus117 Member

    Hi !

    I'm going to start my second foam armor, Spartan Jerome from Halo Wars 2. I downloaded the files of the MkIV armor to help me creating my own templates. I think I will make the torso first, which is ,in my opinion, the hardest part. More info soon. :)

  2. Cactus117

    Cactus117 Member

  3. Lieutenant Jaku

    Lieutenant Jaku

    Cactus117 that is some nice foam work. how high detail are you planning to go?
  4. Cactus117

    Cactus117 Member

    Thanks Lieutenant, I will make a high detailing I guess.
    Lieutenant Jaku likes this.
  5. Cactus117

    Cactus117 Member

    More torso pics incoming !

    torse wip 1 T.jpg

    torse wip 2 T.jpg
  6. Inspiredscot

    Inspiredscot New Member

    That is some nice foam work sir. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the build
  7. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Very nice and clean foam work! Keep it up :D

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