KAT ARMOR BUILD - with custom undersuit


Awwwwwe yeah, just wait soon more photo shoots to come! LilTyrant any luck with those pics you guys were going to photoshop? I want to see the explosion one XD
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Oooh explosion? Oh also if you need/want any help photoshopping I'd be happy to help I like to think I'm pretty good at it :p

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Looks awesome and glad to see wolf got in on the action your build is one for great reference.


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This thread was a great inspiration! I used the marine vinyl to make the shoulder pads and seals for my kid's suit. It was much easier having your pictures to reference. Awesome work!


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Well. I just read through this entire thread, and I might have to check my jaw for drop-damage. Absolutely nothing short of incredible. Did you ever get the visor to your liking?

I only hope that I can achieve something this spectacular. This might be the thread that convinced me to go for a MJOLNIR build some day, assuming my attempt at an ODST doesn't scar me for life.


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Wow! Amazing work! My favorite Reach character was Kat and I love her design, so I was actually going to make myself some armor and while searching I had stumbled upon this thread and did some reading on how you did some things. But I have some questions I haven't seen answered (At least not here):

1. How did you do the decals? Painted? stenciled? printed? etc?
2. I'm really new to this (But I'm a 3D modeler so I have something!) so a full suit right away may be out of the question (Will probably skip the custom undersuit right now). What was the easiest part to make? Maybe a few in order? Hardest part to make? I was thinking of starting with the pistol as its own small project to get a hang of things before doing the whole suit. I have a 3D model of the pistol at my disposal currently anyway so that should make it easier on me. I'd 3D print it if it didn't cost me 80 dollars for a single to-scale version of it around here.
3. Would you mind if I used a few of your images for reference?
Any other tips are appreciated if you can think of any. Thanks in advance for any help.

Definitely keep doing stuff like this! You do awesome work.


So, I don't know if I missed it or what, but what did you use to do the soles?
Next time double check the date of the last post and then maybe pm the original poster

And to answer your question, she didn't make soles for it, she used a pair of heels and left the sole off the bottom of the boot and just used the sole of the heels


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Can you please help me out i am new to all this and I quite don't know much about sewing and diy. can you please give me a list of all the material you used to create such badass armor and under suit :)


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