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A month to paint something so small?! You must be using a single hair brush! ;-p

Oh yeah................looks AWESOME, as usual!


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Final update, have all the parts in from my team members, whoo ! Have finished a few of these now for folks who pre-ordered

Quick rundown of the final features:
  • Shell designed and cast by JUSTINIAN of
  • Internal circuit by thatdecade (me)
    • Press button to activate lights
    • Lights turn off by themselves after 5 minutes
    • Press the button again to restart the light animations
    • Recharge with included USB cable
    • Charging takes just a few minutes and lasts for hours
  • Paint job by jlhr2 (mostly hangs out on the soarinhammer forums)

104_7281.JPG by thatdecade, on Flickr

Easter egg: Look a video demo


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It charges by usb? thats handy, this would be perfect for the data storage unit im going to attatch to my Spartan III. Nice work as usual :D


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Very bright. Visible in sunlight, camera breaking brightness indoors.

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The stickers are a really cool touch.