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Landfall ODST Soft goods analysis.

Discussion in 'Halo Soft Parts' started by gerard2567, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. gerard2567

    gerard2567 Member

    I'm at a little standby on my ODST progress since I decided I was going to go with the Weta Landfall odst. I want to know if anyone has seen the actual armor and can tell me what fabrics was used on the outer covers and inner body. So far, this is just my analysis off screen shots, interviews etc.There's many like this thread. But none actually discuss the fabrics. Sorry about quality of pics. Ipad doesn't like to save the in original resolution.

    Alot of the goods are likely fabricated by them. (vests, shoulder pads and such) The underclothes may be bought.
    As far as I can tell about the visor is that it's an extremely deeply died red amber and gives off a brown effect like the darth vader lense in ANH. Probably crimson red and orange from Ritz or Idye Poly red and orange. One of the photos of the bungie studios shows it, but it's very poor quality. Uhhh 2009.

    Shoulder straps are three layered in my analysis. Likely Polyethylene with two solid layer and one with a channel for the nylon strap, wrapped in spandex or polyester or nylon.

    Chin strap caught me by surprise. Barely noticed it.

    This actor should've been atleast 6' 4". Just a weird analysis.

    No fancy neck seal like the 5-ribbed legacy effects one. Just a turtle neck shirt.

    Neck brace thing looks like a baseball shinguard. Just my opinion, but this can be redone by slicing into eva foam and spreading it with a heat gun. Althought there is a slight step on each edge of the rectangle.

    This was a little bit hard to answer. I would assume inner layer is Polyester and spandex lining and outer may be nylon. It's extremly hard to tell.

    Also note if you want the knife, It's held on by a single zip-tie/cable tie at the top. The knife is a OOP ( out of production) kershaw responder. One Aus site is selling it for $90 last in stock. Thankfully I'm not interested in this specific ODST, mainly his partner, with the tracker.

    Does anyone feel sorry for the guy? He's wearing cooling shirt, a cooling vest, a tactical vest (One where all the hard armor is clipped onto) and the hard armor itself? Even Chewbacca wouldn't have been that hot...

    At first I thought it was just a stichting mistake, but the. I realised it matches exactly the edges of the clip.

    One thing i should point out that I didn't mark is that the plastic neck seal that connects to the front and back works very similar to Sean bradleys one. It stops just atop the front chest, but makes it's way further down on the back.


    $10 Chinese tactical gloves may do, but I saw one for $60 that looks accurate to it on ebay. (Grey fabric around knuckle before going back to black)

    The armour pieces beneath fabric are either a really compact flexible foam or hard plastic. I'm making the judgement based on the sharp edges it has if you closely examine it. My money is on plastic. It only makes sense knowing weta. The fabric seems to be more of a visual appear than an aesthetic decision.

    I plan on trying to recreate the armor as closely as possible (Except for the helmet)

    Fun fact, that's a 2x real rifle scope. Brand unknown at this point.


    I originally thought it was on one odst, but realised the squad leader had one too.


    More to come when I examine it more. Heh.

    But please give me some feedback on what you think they are.

    I'm doing sewing until the rest of the hard armor prints. (Weta basically modified 2007's halo odst models and made it more maneuverable.)

    Last edited: Nov 18, 2017
  2. gerard2567

    gerard2567 Member

  3. gerard2567

    gerard2567 Member

    I think I'll be making the HAC's (My new acronym for hard armor covers) with spandex, use polyester for the inner vest lined with spandex, and use nylon fabric for the outer vest.

    If I go ahead with this, it will be in my thread, if I don't forget to post updates that is.
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  4. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    My ODST was a mix of DFT patterns and custom made ones to build up a H3:Landfall/H3:ODST mashup. For the shoulder strapping I used distressed marine vinyl layered over EVA with a channel for 1" nylon webbing.

    Skookum ODST Mk.II is in the works and will be closer to H3:Landfall because I'm a Weta fanboy, I'll definitely be watching this thread to see what info you can glean from stills.
  5. gerard2567

    gerard2567 Member

    High quality pic inbound... So proud I found this ;D

    ODST new info.jpg

    So there's two vest, and the body armor is not attached with anything to vest. Infact, it's a rig with nylon straps fitted over the top.

    Here's another pic without the circles.

    This is basically confirmation that weta did indeed make their own pauldrons and vests. I wouldn't be surprised if the under clothes are too.

    Photographer Benjamin Hollis on Flickr
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2017
  6. gerard2567

    gerard2567 Member

    This changes every speculation I've made thus far.

    I'll be going down to my local fabric store in the next two weeks (Hopefully today if i get the time) and compare the fabs to the picture.

    I'll list the most likely fabrics beneath as a checklist format

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  7. gerard2567

    gerard2567 Member

    I didn't sleep tonight, so here's another photo that I will edit once I have a good sleep.

  8. gerard2567

    gerard2567 Member

    It's the armor of the taller ODST. Also, notice the paintjob isn't one colour? It uses a slightly lighter black/blue and just jet black for the accents on the helmet.
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  9. gerard2567

    gerard2567 Member

    Nothing really new, just narrows the border down.. (If not, closes it)

  10. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    You might always want to look at spacer fabric. It has much the same look as that.

    Spandex World - Spacer (Black)

    There is a fabric called Scuba as well which is like the fashion version of Neoprene but spacer to me is closer in how it behaves than Scuba is. Scuba is much more like a heavier weight stretch fabric where as Spacer has more stiffness to it. Two layers of Spacer sandwiched together with seam binding on the edges should replicate that fairly well while keeping the costs reasonable. Plus it comes in non stretch and 4 way stretch. And it is way easier to sew than Neoprene and would be more breathable. Getting the right thread/needle/stitch length combination for Neoprene really tested my patience.
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  11. Harri51


    I love that you have been breaking down the Landfall armor. Honestly once I saw this years ago That is when I fell in love with ODST armor. it just looks so cool!!!!!. the thing is looking at the landfall compaired to Halo 3: ODST suits. They are many small differences.

    If you look at dutch's gut area. They added a foam undersuit similar to a Spartan 4. plus less extra undersuits like he landfall armor. So it seems the back and everything is actually attached to undersuit more so then over top of the suit

  12. gerard2567

    gerard2567 Member

    Thanks! although I don't think my country keeps that (I try to avoid shipping from overseas, too expensive)

    Regarding the scuba sanwiched with seam binding on the edges, the only -roble I have with that is that the vest and pauldrons have stiches about 5" and 2" away from the edges, so I'm basically forced to stitch into the "Thick mystery material"

    I only believed it was neoprene was because Weta isn't really the aesthetic appearance, rather they try to keep to stunt actors as cool as possible. Seeing all the wet suit linings, I believe it would only be logical that wetsuit neoprene would be used.

    Anyways thanks! Will look into that!

    Regarding the "spacer" fabric, What is the lint susceptibility of it?
  13. gerard2567

    gerard2567 Member

    I just noticed something


    It's one of those "Vintage-shaped" belt buckles, it's just missing the pin.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2017
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  14. mkshane81


    Absolutely brilliant research!

  15. Ghost8617


    Definitely following this thread.
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  16. ODST Langford

    ODST Langford New Member

    i think the EVA foam neck pad is actually Football Helmet Padding

  17. Drsalmon616

    Drsalmon616 New Member

    im pretty sure the fabric is waxed canvas. its the same fabric used in captain americas suit ( mainly winter soldier and infinity war). it has that same tight weave and its a heavier fabric the keeps its shape. also while you can clearly see that the suit uses plain buckles, i would suggest you look at alpine cobra buckles, they would go better with the suit.
  18. gerard2567

    gerard2567 Member

    Nice catch! I’ll def look into it. Maybe the vinyl/whatever material was ripped off to expose the foam beneath?
  19. ODST Langford

    ODST Langford New Member

    it looks like another type of football pad. some are gel and some are foam. that one may be a thin foam one
  20. gerard2567

    gerard2567 Member

    Which fabric? There’s about three diferent types. I can kind see it happening on the ultility vest seen on the outside, but that also seems to be an expensive fabric. I doubt WETA was paid so much for a short film.
  21. ODST Langford

    ODST Langford New Member

    almost a pad closer to this

  22. Drsalmon616

    Drsalmon616 New Member

    Sorry I was referring to the vest and shoulders. Also a company like weta would either have a supply of it or would be able to get it cheaper than we can. And even for a small project like this they wouldn't skimp on the production.
  23. Drsalmon616

    Drsalmon616 New Member

    Also the wider knit fabric looks like a cordura maybe a 250 to 500 denier

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