Life Sized Halo Reach Statue!


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It hasn't been drawn yet, plus here's some info for anyone who doesn't like to read rules pages:

There will be eighteen (18) Winners selected in a random drawing from among all of the Eligible Entries on or about September 21, 2010.

Each of the eighteen (18) Winners (hereinafter defined) will each receive one (1) life size Halo: Reach Spartan Statue, (the “Prize”). The specific statue that each Winner receives (one of the Noble 5) will be at the sole discretion of Sponsor.
Seems like a really strange number of winners since there's 5 members of the team.


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Amazing and inspiring. That would be an awesome job.


I forgot to add that you get a miniature sized statue of this if you preorder the most expensive version of Reach. I work at GameStop and I have yet to sell any of these. Haha~
GA buddies!


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Yeah! It wont really matter though... Those things are like 8 feet tall! I was like "JESUS CHRIST THAT IS TALL!" and Jesus was like, "I know bro..."
lol, metal gear awesome joke...

They are actually 6 feet tall, just like a normal reach spartan.
They look taller in the vid, because they are in a platform.

So this will be great to get some awesome armor. Hope a members wins the armor, so we can make molds of the armor just like with the Muckle Statue.