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Alright, here.

how is it?
Don't wan't to be mean or anything, but I really don't like it that much. :p .


1. Why are the wings flapping?
2. The white swirly thing in the back is like, layered?
3. Why is the green cloth reflecting the light, yet look so dull?
4. Why don't you just loop it with the globe spinning and make the white in the back look better?

i have to say even for an entrance logo that was toooooo slow. you want to make it fast and smooth. as if its one transition not i think i saw 15-17 frame segments where it paused a bit.

sorry for critisism im a video and photo editor

but heres something get rid of the flapping of the wings and make it spin in the opposite direction of the planet and it should look fine. also invert the picture it would look better with the black or mesh the two
YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I can post now!!!
I wanted it slow.
The cloth is in no way meant to look real.
I did this because I was bored. (I'm not sopposed to **** gold all the time.)
The wings are flapping because, well, If it didn't, IT WOULD LOOK STUPID!!!
Seriously, what's wrong with the wings?
Have the bird rotate the other way? That's too easy.

BTW: Don't worry about adrenilene, he's just pissed at me.
I think it loooks pretty darn cool. But the transition to the regular logo with the white background would look better if it was morphed or something, instead of fading out and fading back in.

But, really, that's a small detail, I'm quite impressed.
xalener said:
I made it with anim8or.
dont use anim8or, use blender its way more powerful of a program to use for animations and such , it works great for every aspect of animating , nice logo btw haha , oh btw blender is free get it here

blender animator
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