Looking for something bulky...

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Hey all! Summer's started and i've got a bunch of foam rolls I want to get to work with.

A couple weeks ago I put together a mishmash of armour pieces from Halo 4 into Armorsmith Designer to get a feel of what kind of things I could do, looking toward whereisdanielle's Kelly for inspiration as i'm not the tallest guy.

I found the Legionnaire chest and fell in love at first, but the more I look at it, and the more I peruse the 405th and Instagram, the less I like the way the back is, how tiny it is, ect ect...

I then thought of doing something bigger and bulkier, where the majority of the armour is on the shoulders and neck, kinda like chief and the centurion armour.

I'm just wondering if there are any others similar to this? if not i'm likely to go with centurion as a 5'7 chief wouldn't be the most intimidating thing :p

Here's what I threw together in armorsmith designer, it's a literal mess haha

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