Made some functional vents, should i use them? pic inside.

Should i use the custom working vents, or just use plain wire loom tubing?

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so i made these today since im waiting for some supplies to come in and i was bored. let me know whatyou guys think. i may back them with something else to make it harder to see through.

thanks, you think they look clean? or do they look "off".

come one guys im really lookin for feedback on these. good and bad. im also gonna try to find some different materials to make it with.
if made them all parallel to each other then they would be the best pep vents I've ever seen.
yea i think im gonna do a redo tomorrow with something else. update tomorrow afternoon.

its made out of ABS and stainless steel screen.

i did make them parallel, but when i flexed it to get it into the cutout area they shifted a little. i think its the curvature of the screen that makes it look uneven. im still redoing it tomorrow.

snapped a couple pics from different angles...






i desperately need reference pics of all vent locations on the helmet, namely the top forhead "slotted" vents above the visor and th side earpieces beneath where the lights go. going for the Halo 3 look. ive used the halo 2 pics from on this site but i cant seem to find a good angle to see how the vents are set up.
yea the pics dontreally do it justice, it doesnt look very "off" in person. its just the way that piece has to curve to go in there. im gonan try and get all the vents cut before i bondo so if someone could help me with reference pics of all the vents its be great.

thanks for the comments guys, i need to order some Sintra next week to use on the helmet so itll be a little bit before i get much done.
mando how did you do that? i tried with the wire covers but could get it to look good. Please PM me or answer here ASAP i'm glassing tomorrow (helmet last) and i wanted to do this well before i finish the helmet
agreed, it looks great,, you need to take pics of the process of making it,, and post a tutorial,, and the mods should sticky it..
i was going to use automotive split loom,, but i may have to reconsider
Nice. That's kinda what I did with my Scout Trooper helmet. Tell me how it goes with the whole "making-it-harder-to-see-through" thing.

you can buy wire loom in the electronics area at walmart, where they have soldering irons and bulbs/switches wire/wire strippers etc. wherever you find shrink tubing and all the wiring crimp connctors.

there wll be moe pics coming tonight. got some stuff to do today for the family.

btw i decided theyre staying , i want to open it up for as much airflow as possible.
This might sound stupid... But... What is ABS... :\...

Are you talking about the plastic tubing?

I thought you would use something that is corrugated...
your not looking for head shrink tubing, your looking for wire loom. its a black convoluted (meaning it has ribs or ridges in it) tube that is split along one side. i found it was way too hard to cut this up to make functional vents so i used strips of ABS plastic stock because it was easier to get symmetrical pieces with it.

expect pics tomorrow. i promise. got a little too tired today.
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