Master Chief in Madame Tussaud London

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Look, Master Chief is on DISPLAY in Madame Tussaud London,

The clay statue has a weight 125kilo and is 2,16 meters high.
Most statue´s of Madame Tussaud are made from wax but this one is of clay. (its also on display in Las Vegas)
Ten people worked 892 hours on it.

Here's the picture with Pete Wentz (band : fall out boy)

I think this is the first picture to release of this sculpture.

Neither HBO or Kotaku have this pic, and both are looking for one to show the piece finished.

Good find!
WOW! its like a 4hour drive for me to get to London! But next time I go there im having my pc with the chief! my mum and dad have been to madam tussards before il ask them if i can go somtime! :D
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