Soft Parts Master Chief poncho


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Hello people of the Halo soft parts section. Does anyone have a poncho template that could be used for master chiefs halo 5 poncho. If you do please post it here


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Sierra 107 did a "Poncho Chief." He might chime in here, or you could look back through his threads to see if he detailed the construction.


It looks really good! My thought was that a pattern wouldn't really be necessary. I mean, a cloak is a cloak, right?:D Where did you get the material?


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I just took an old beige bed sheet for fabric, and soaked it in India ink for a couple of hours to get the color


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Hey so after a day of drying the ink turns the fabric light grey so I wouldn't recommend using black ink soon I'm going to try dark brown fabric dye I'll let you know how it goes


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This ended up turning out great! And I agree, with weathering this will be looking amazing! And wow you got this done fast