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I know this is a lame topic in that no one is gonna' know what he'd look like, but a few points about it I wanted to bring to your attention to see what you all thought.

#1- Waaaay back in Marathon, there's a reference to Mjolnir Mark 5 Cyborgs. There's been only idle speculation that these cybogs have anything to do with the Spartan program. The main reason the speculation fails is because the Cyborgs in Marathon were dead folks, rather than 6 year olds plucked away from their families.

What if the "plucked away from their families" thing is a coverstory made-up by Oni? What if the John-117 is actually dead? Could he looked zombified under his helmet?

#2- John-117 is a cyborg, which can take many forms. Is part of his face metal?

#3- Bungie once described him (at the time of Halo 1) as a 41 year old tall very pale guy with a piercing gaze yet a bland expression. Did they omit the metal in his face? and/or is his paleness due to the time spent in the suit? or is he dead thereby also explaining the bland expression?

#4 - A post I saw over on forums raised an interesting point..:
".. If he's black, then the whites, cubans, asians, and american indians will complain... If he's White, the blacks, cubans, asians, and American Indians will complain.. etc, etc.. Do you guys think this might be the reason we haven't seen his face?

Obviously Bungie knows that folks want to see what the Master Chief looks like under his mask, so why not just deliver? Is it a big plot revealling secret? Are they afraid of alienating players?

Will they say, 'well.. since this is the end of the master chief storyarc, we'll throw his face up there just before the end credits?' Or will we never know what he looks like?

Another thought that's been thrown around a bit.. Does John-117 die at the end of this game? It's the end of his storyarc.. is it the end of him?

The Halo franchise will continue past the end of this game, even though this storyarc will be finished with Halo 3.. there are other time periods and events being looked at for future games.. Like the foreunners series for example.

However, revealing his face could affect the franchise if they get fancy with it.

What do you guys think?
Thought I'd chime in here about the reveal of Chief's face. Not a lame topic at all...actually I've been thinking about this ALOT lately.

Unfortunately I think it's inevitable, just from a storytelling standpoint. How could they resist giving us that rush of seeing the Chief's face in the final installment of Halo? They've had his identity under wraps for so long, that moment would be remember when you saw Darth Vader's face at the end of Jedi??? Multiply that times 10....and since they have said that this is the final Halo game...and the end to his story arc and all...

I think if they're gonna do it, it'll be in Halo 3. And yes there will be plenty of pissed people who would rather that he stay anonymous, but that kind of thing never seems to bother Bungie. But really at some point you've got to give him a face. Without it he'd forever be an inhuman character.

What I wanna know is if they're gonna do it in the movie too? It'd be a tough damn sell without the reveal at some point in the movie. Maybe thats why the movie companies are shying away from it. Dunno.

Then you'd have to decide who it was under there...

Who would you cast as Master Chief? Chuck Norris? The Rock? *please not Vin Diesel* It'd be impossible to find someone that everyone could agree on.

Frankly I think his face should be computer a composite of the faces of everyone who has played the game. Impossible, yes but think of how cool that would be.

I dunno about the cyborg thing...too Star Trek for me.. ;) Zombified Chief...that'd.. uh...I too wierd maybe? Whatever they do, they have to keep the fans happy and keep from crushing the franchise.
MC isn't a cyborg persay. He's still all human, but he's one with his armor. Together they are cybornetic. He does have computer implants in his body to help him react faster, and to interface with cortana, but he's not the terminator.

John is a white guy though, says so in Fall of Reach.


"One boy stood on the crest. He blocked, pushed, and strong-armed all the other children. A split-second freeze frame and she matched his freckles to the picture on file"

then there's

"a boy with sandy hair, green eyes, and darkly tanned skin"

"taller than john, skinny, with a long mane of hair dyed blue...(then later) she scratched the stubble of her shorn hair"

"Pale, Close-cropped red hair, green eyes, long slender frame"


"Black hair, shot with streaks of silver"

Dr. Halsey:

"dark hair with streaks of gray, blue eyes"



You decide if this is anyone.

I'm picturing John as white, bald, dark hair, scarred and older,
MC is somewhere in his 40s now, most likely, extremely plae from lack of sun, freckled (at least as a kid), brown hair, blue eyes, i think.

He in fact isnt even from Earth. He's from one of the outer-colony worlds, Eridanus II (Epsilon Eridanus Sysem) in Elisyum City.

I always pictured him as pretty old, tons of huge scars, shorn hair.

That's just me though.
The race thing is not an issue. As Adam said, we know he is white.

To put a celeb face on him, I'd say either Jason Statham(the transporter) or Keifer Sutherland(24). Cept he would look similar to Anakin in Ep. 6 do to lack of sunlight, etc.

There is so much controversy over this that I think his face will never be revealed. I could see Bungie doing a final cutscene where MC is about to take his helmet off (camera is behind him) and when he get's about half way up the neck they role credits. I think the closest to seeing the Chief's face is a shadowed sillouette of when he was a kid.

I do like the Darth Vader idea though. Show his face for a climactic resolution of the trilogy. ...But unlikely.
Looked for Jason but couldnt get 1 i liked, that 1 of bruis jsut had a cut/scare on his head so it clicked ot me
well, i think that master chief will die in Halo 3, then the universe will be saved by the arbiter, and the identity of Mc will never be revealed
I think it is more than likely for John to have to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Fun Fact: a while back imdb had Denzel Washington credited as Master Chief.

I'm sure first day sales would soar if it was actually announced that Master Chief's face is revealed. I kind hope they don't. It would ruin the mystery. Master Chief should be known for his helmet, not his face. plus, the chuck norris pic would lose its flare.

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denzel wouldn't make a good masterchief. or sgt johnson.

a faceless MC would probably be best. Show the faces of the other spartans just fine, but not MC

Hah! In fact, perhaps play with the whole thing, and keep having him remove his helmet but always be blocked by something.

Then he's revealled to be crosseyed and stuff with like a pig nose.

Btw- Masterchief is a straight-up cyborg. The Halo PC manual specifically states it in the description of Masterchief.

I would imagine that he looks weather beaten and stuff, but not due to the weather, merely due to things like radiation burns and stuff. Maybe even sporting a "plasma tan" or redness.

I'm 35, 6-1, with blue eyes and short hair.. Maybe he looks like me? only taller? ;)
Yes, well, about the 'Cyborg' thing, It isn't like he's made out of metal. He is... errr, was... A normal person once. Then ONI Section 3 came along and made him who he is today... well, not "Today, " more like 546 years from now, but either way... ONI put him through intense training as a 6 year old, then later they 'augmented' him. Essentially cut him open, gave him bone grafts that make them nearly unbreakable, and lots of various different steroids. Increased his reaction time by 300% i think it was, etc. He has no metal attached to or replacing his skin. If you took his armor off, you'd see he looks perfectly normal (cept he's 2 and a half meters tall [around 7 ft], weighs A LOT, and is way buff). but beyond that, the only way you could tell he's not 'normal' is if you cut him up again, and took a few drug tests.

*** Supposed Game Spoiler ***

And about the ending, I expect (a kid at my school who's brother supposedly forks for Bungie told me this) that he's gonna be at the ark, SURROUNDED by Flood, covering every square centimeter of the place, running towards several of the big spikey bombs that the covanent brought abourd The Cairo, located at the center of the Ark. If they blow, so will the Earth. Well, he reaches it, almost dead, and slams his hand on the interface, much like he did on Cairo, then the flood pull him under. Then you see a Funeral going on. His funeral.

Hush hush.
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I hope you didn't just ruin my whole Halo 3 campaign experience.

On forums, even if it were incorrect, you would have been banned immediately.

It's one thing to make guesses about endings, it's another to claim that you know the official ending. You didn't even suggest there was a spoiler coming up, you just blurt out the ending of the game while we're talking about what he might look like?

If you had written it with the spoiler warning (like the one I added to your post), I'd have skipped it.

Well.. what's done is done, I hope you're wrong though. Halo has a really cool storyline in my opinion. Who the hell wants to hear how their favorite story ends before they get a chance to get there?
yeah i don't wanna hear about it. I seriously doubt that ending though.
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