Master replicas

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I was looking on and noticed this,


I did know where I should post at, so I decides on this forum.


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there 5" i believe and it has been posted awhile back but its ok to repost that thread was a preorder


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Ronster said:
They look fake.

They're just mockups used as placeholders for the preorders. Not supposed to be the actual thing just yet, although that is what they will look like (assuming no designs get changed prior to production).
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We don't know the scale yet. But since MR usually has SW Blasters for $300+, I'm a bit scared! lol
BTW, if I preorder, do I still have to pay for the WHOLE thing?

Sean Bradley

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I'm pretty sure that these are minitures...

I'd look that up, but I just don't feel like it right now. Anyway I know that the scale was mentioned in the first thread about this.
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