Me And My Friends Odst Armor Progress

The King Cobra

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mustang2500 said:
Damn dude, that's a lot of paper. Nice work so far!

Thanks mustang and yes it is a lot of paper and yet there is going be 3 times as much being made so watch out for that one :D
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The King Cobra said:
Hey 405th!

This is my Topic on My friends and My ODST armor. We have been at this project for about a month now and are getting pretty far. We have 3 people being ODST's and possibly a fourth. This is a place for you guys to comment on my armor how to improve and for Vyronix and A Fluffy Shoe to post their progress.

I have made plenty of ODST components from Buck's com pack to the Spartan Laser for Dutch but hopefully when I get a whole suit done I will mold it and create duplicates for my Friends and for the public to purchase. So here is our Progress on our Armor:











dude thats sick! the knife even comes out of it's sheathe!
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The King Cobra said:
Colors have been decided. Tell what you think:

Black for ODST Armor

Silver for Details

Heavy Weapons: Red based on Dutch

Sniper: Sky Blue based on Romeo

CQB: Yellow based on Mickey

Leader: Olive based on Buck

Red is mickey and yellow is dutch

i'm waaaaaaaaaaaaay late
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next time guys read the dates there has been nothing posted on this since 5/14/2010 this is one of the rules do not bring back old threads unless u r the original author.............


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Awesome work! Where did you get the pep file for the backpack? Thanks!
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Hey im wondering if you guys have a link to this backpack file? I'm looking to build one but out of Eva foam instead of paper